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  1. @iFlysimX, not edited at all, taken directly from FSX
  2. Here is a quick screenshot of my upcoming video Mitch
  3. Hey everyone, I would have to say that mine would the amazing A2A Simulations Cessna 172. That aircraft offers some features that other aircraft in FSX can't even come close too! It would be interesting to see what other flight simmers like!!! Thanks, Mitch
  4. @iFlysimX ORBX Southampton ORBX Shoreham ORBX Stapleford
  5. Hey everyone!!! I hope everyone is enjoy their new year so far! I know I am, so here is some screenshots that I took while working on some videos for my YouTube channel! Enjoy!!! http://www.youtube.com/user/AviationInCanada
  6. Hey Pedro, The only solution I could think of to fix this problem would be to reinstall FSX. Mitch
  7. Hey Plugnickel58, There is a couple of ways to take screenshots! You can use the "V" key on your keyboard to take a screenshot right in your FSX, or you could use a 3rd party program like Fraps. The way you could post them on here, is by click the "image" button and it should ask you for a link. (Upload the images to a website like Photobucket to get a link) and you should get something like this:
  8. I will let you know if I have this issue! -Mitch
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