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  1. Hi, Holi The link to the developer page does'nt work on SWS website... I sent "them" an email last saturday but got no answer until today.
  2. Hi Holi, thanks for this new and the link. Unfortunately, it's only for P3D but why not? We will have a look. Olivier JennaSoft
  3. Hi. some numerous 3D cars have been placed at the carpark on the axis of the runway, the one mentioned by mburkhard. But there are too many carparks in Gatwick and the others will remain full with flat cars... For now, adding animations still the big question. Using SODE., we already encounter some difficulties with some of the jetways. Animating the shuttle between south and north terminals, and adding a few animated vehicles may wait for the first short term update. After one year of work, we don't want to delay the release for weeks. We are thinking over about using GSX safedocks for GSX users(which means no functionnal static safedocks for the others). Olivier Jennasoft
  4. Hi all, I found back the screenshots guy...
  5. Hi Kim07 and matty2305, yes, we encounter some difficulties in SODE jetways animation but it should be fixed in the coming weeks. And yes, you can expect a 2019 release. Concerning the screenshots, I have to wake up the guy in charge of the screenshots section...😅
  6. Hi all, some new screenshots will be shown next Week. Olivier
  7. Hi, the last scenery screens were made with ORBX Global all around. It should be compatible with ORBX England also. We will buy it and check how it blends before the release. Not sure there will be seasonal textures or animated windsocks. We're looking toward a mean to add a functional VDGS but it may not be with SODE.
  8. Hi all, Hoping to keep you tide down...😋 (FSX screens this time)
  9. jennasoft

    LFLL/EGKK p3dv4

    Hi Kim07, yes, Gatwick will have its own lights objects/effects
  10. Hi all, just coming back from ten days holidays... the project is delayed due to some complications with SODE jetways...we won't give any date this time but I will post some screenshots in the coming days… PBR arrive too late to be incorporated for now. And as far as I see, it doesn't look much different from multiple textures effects like bump+reflexive+transparent textures, that is what we already do. Best regards, Olivier.
  11. jennasoft

    LFLL P3D V4

    currently planting hundreds of trees in Gatwick...not something really exciting to show...or you meant "about Lyon"? Nothing interesting neither.
  12. jennasoft

    LFLL P3D V4

    Allright, we should have said : P3D version without precising which one, then.
  13. Sorry matty2305, no date yet. Hopefully somewhere between Januar and Februar 2019.
  14. jennasoft

    LFLL/EGKK p3dv4

    Hi, Kim07. Yes, I confirm that the LFLL new version will be for P3Dv4 also. The taxiways update alone will be free and will concern FSX Customers while the new version(I mean with the new terminal) will be on sale for FSX and P3D. No release date yet. EGKK date is even not known...Hopefully in Januar or Februrar for this one. We'll continue then work on LFLL update first. The new version will follow after.
  15. jennasoft

    LFLL P3D V4

    Tawiways update for FSX will consist in a few files freely available to download, while version 2.0 with new buildings and texturing for FSX as for P3Dv4 should be on sale as a stand alone product. So far, we cannot guarantee the pricing policy because it has to be discuted with Simmarket staff. And the priority is now to provide a free taxiways update for FSX customers. But be sure there will be a P3v4 version.
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