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  1. Not before we have fixed last reported issue. But VGDS are "on the way"...
  2. Hi, it's not possible to fix eventual issues without knowing the place they occurs. could you please give some examples? (assuming you first checked the last ADE files given as updates on this forum)?
  3. You must not remove EGKK_FSX_groundlights_plac.bgl
  4. Hi, the scenery is not SODE VDGS compatible for now. We're going to work on it this month. Olivier Badiambila JennaSoft
  5. Hi, as KG1000 said, some more information are needed. Did you previously install SODE original package or JennaSoft Gatwick SODE files?
  6. Hi all, just put this file in the scenery folder. Will work for FSX as P3D version. Will be added to 1.2 version. Olivier Badiambila JennaSoft EGKK_FSX_groundlights_plac2.bgl
  7. Hi, just put this file in the scenery folder. Will work for FSX as P3D version. Will be added to 1.2 version. EGKK_FSX_groundlights_plac2.bgl
  8. Tnaks. Will fix green centerline this week.
  9. All 3 ADE files have been uploaded again today. It fixes darkness ground at rotunda. It doesn't fix the flickering(for now) Please note that you need to be logged in to donwload them. https://forum.iflysimx.com/topic/2221-gatwick-new-afcad-and-new-dynamic-lights/
  10. No. I just checked after reading your post and could donwload them again.
  11. Hi, it's the flickering effect I mentionned when releasing the new ADE files : It's an already known bug and it will be our next and last fix, before working on an update 1.2 with new elements (VGDS, green lights, Boeing Hangar...) Olivier B.
  12. Arf! you said you would shut up....๐Ÿ˜› I feel depressing also๐Ÿ˜ถ.. I'm a bit surprised for the new DL file...from your screen, I think you use a shader that turn light colors from a hell yellow to an agressive orange with a strong contrast that makes the unlighted ground look darker. The impression may be renforced by the fact that the range for DL has been expanded except for all spots excepts for rotunda(where the rendition was enough good to me) Tell me which ADE file you use(A1 AI2 or NoAi) and I will send you another which may blend better with your shaders within 48h. ( taxiways list registered)
  13. Hi Filibert, here are my last words and I shut up too, I promise. ๐Ÿ˜‰ customers(and I'm one, for some FS products), estimate the expected price from the quality, developers, from the time they spent on developping and the money they spent(sleeping at Arora hotel is a great but expensive souvenir๐Ÿ˜). I assume the good compromise is at the crossing point between quality and time curves... As I said for VGDS, after seing the preview screenshots from SODE, we put "adding SODE VGDS" in our "to do as update" list but after fast 2 years of work on Gatwick(including taking photos there and documentation), we wouldn't have wait 6 months more to release the scenery. Look on fsdevelopper.com and you'll see how many project are given up when the developpment last over one year... Considering the lights, every scenery is a rendition, not the real airport. Releasing a scenery with centerline lights or blue edge lights everywhere would have exposed us to comments like "there is not so many lights". We don't have a map showing the exact position of each light. We have to "guess" from charts or from photos, or videos...If you have such information, I take it without hesitation. That said, we will add VGDS in the next update(1.2). but be sure somebody else will say "too expensive, animation are missing, new Boeing hangar missing, there are to kind of VGDS and you didn't take it in account" ๐Ÿ™ƒ (I had already announced myself somewhere in this forum that VGDS would come in 1.2 and I think that's where you read it) Note that there is no date about 1.2 And by the way, I invite anybody who has got information about Boeing Hangar or VGDS positionning to contact us on jennasoft@outlook.fr.
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