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  1. For P3Dv5 mesh issue, please try this file. nothing to rename, nothing to replace. Just add it in Jennasoft Gatwick EGKK P3Dv5\scenery here is the link to donwload : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/wljsm7xr1cgnqh2/AACECHutq52qB496yVHPT5r9a?dl=0 if it works, please advise me here jennasoft@outlook.fr if it doesn't, please advise me at the same mail adress.
  2. Hi, those marking don't belong to Jennasoft Gatwick scenery itself. It looks like an automated generated marking, especially if noticed at heavy gates. maybe a checked option on P3D? or a third party add-on like GSX?
  3. Hi, The SODE crosses mean that some SODE jetways are missing. It may be UK2000 not correctly uninstalled(you may have uninstalled UK2000 but UK2000 SODE jetways have to be removed manually frome SODE root folder) It may be Jennasoft Gawick not correctly installed. Regarding the default building, did you try the Following file ?
  4. Just place it in Jennasoft Gatwick/scenery repertory the bgl file available here : https://www.dropbox.com/s/zp8ae1iazxa2uu8/EGKK_ADEnowork_P3Dv5_default_exclude.BGL?dl=0 You don't need to remove or rename any other file as it is a stand alone exclusion file. Thanks to hotbso for his contribution, I reworked the file to extend the covered area. For Gatwick P3Dv5.1 and HF1 only
  5. Hi, please try those files(for P3Dv5 only). Go to Jennasoft Gatwick/Scenery folder. First remove any file begining by EGKK_ADE_P3D Then copy those file in the folder. https://www.dropbox.com/s/coqrmypahjigs9n/JNS Gatwick P3Dv5.1 flatten.zip?dl=0 It should flatten P3Dv5.1 and P3Dv5 HF. It doesn't solve Issue with missing ADE parking positions(that seems to be a P3Dv5 common Issue).
  6. Hi, this error message appears when FSX/P3D scenery.cfg is corrupted. It doesn't mean that your scenery.cfg cannot be read by the sim, nor that JennaSoft Gatwick cannot be installed. It just mean that the activator cannot do the job and that you have to open the scenery library (once the sim launched), browse to Prepar 3D/JennaSoft, choose Jennasoft Gatwick folder and activate it by yourself. The fact that your scenery.cfg is corrupted is not due to JennaSoft product. The common error is that there is a gap between sceneries layers numbers. Another solution would be to open your scenery.cfg file, having a look at layers, fixing it, and relaunching the installer.
  7. Hi, I generated a file yesterday, that remove default building for Jennasoft Gatwick in P3Dv5. Just place it in Jennasoft Gatwick/scenery repertory. https://www.dropbox.com/s/zp8ae1iazxa2uu8/EGKK_ADEnowork_P3Dv5_default_exclude.BGL?dl=0
  8. Hi, I don't know for now why there is so much changes with P3Dv5.1. I will work on a P3Dv5.1 compatible version between the 25th and 31th december.
  9. Hi, blue lights have already been added in version 1.20 available for download on Simmarket for free. Concerning the second runways, I began to work on it when preparing v1.2 but gave up because of the lack of information If you have some (especially about appraoch lights, send me an email at jennasoft@outlook.fr) Olivier B.
  10. Hi, I made a new flatten file. Put in the Gatwick's scenery repertory and remove all other files named EGKK_ADE_ try this file(assuming you are using AI trafic) and tell me if it solves the issues. It should fixe the grass issue for Aleksander_B and maybe also for glidscope. If it does, I will provide a no AI version Not sure it can solves levitation effect because to me, it's not a mesh flatten issue. It probably comes from something else and has no obvious explanation(jetways and ground objects are placed exactly the same way than building). So yes, I'm unable to solve levitation effect for now. Let me check the curved earth effect on the terminals and l'll come back to you on thursday. EGKK_ADE_P3Dv5.1_AI2.bgl
  11. Thanks. you didn't make it with ADE(I see an xml file), did you? Olivier JennaSoft
  12. Hi all, version 1.2 is now available on Simmarket. As custommer, you can donwload it for free of course. BE SURE TO COMPETELY REMOVE PREVIOUS VERSION BEFORE INSTALLING V1.2 (eventually make a backup of it) For owners of the previous Jennasoft Gatwick P3Dv4 version, be sure to remove old dynamic lights fx files located in P3Dv4 root effect folder, named as follows : - JNS_EGKK_dynamiclight_white_spot_cntrl.fx - JNS_EGKK_dynamiclight_yellow_spot_cntrl.fx - JNS_EGKK_dynamiclight_white_spot.fx - JNS_EGKK_dynamiclight_yellow_spot.fx WHAT COMES WITH UPDATE 1.20 - adds the new Boeing MRO - adds P3Dv5 version (removes default taxisigns and default building, fixes mesh bugs in grass areas correct too bright windows reflexion) - adds some more green lights - adds some new blue taxiways lights - fixes flickering dynamic lights on P3D - reduces the number of dynamic lights to improve night experience. - new dynamic lights by Inibuilds
  13. Hi, Gatwick 1.20 (including P3Dv5 versiion) released yet. But send me a private message. we'll see for the next improvement. Olivier B.
  14. Hi, unfortunately no news from the betatester after sending the files one week ago.... I'm going to send them to you by private message....
  15. Hi, Airport priority is usually above mesh, yes. there is no plan for SODE or animated jetways and there won't be, I'm sorry of that.
  16. P3Dv5 update expected to be released en August. The new DL are provided by a new partner. We didn't checked yet what it gives with framerates but we asked them to focuse on that point.
  17. Hi, SODE VGDS are not included in V5 update. But Let me ask our new partner to add it. From now, release expected end august.
  18. Hi, EGKK v5 update was expected for July but we still wait for our new partner to send us the new dynamic light files. From that, we'll have to send the update to betatesters. From now, we hope a release end august. bad timing with MSFS release, we know.
  19. Hi, it's actually hard to answer, since none of our products are made for Steam version.
  20. Hi, - blue taxilight will be easy to add and we will fix it. - concerning 8L/26R, adding some new optionnal runwaylights is a thing we can do with the configurator but I'm not sure to understand well. If we add a bgl for rwy side lights on 8L/26R, rwy light don't necessarily need to be off? right? (I mean you would have two runways lighted, am I right?)
  21. Hi, I think version 1.2 merging all proposed updated, and adding the Boeing hangar will be available within 2 or 3 weeks. Dynamic Lights shouldn't flicker any more but don't expect so much improvement on fps. A few customers reported the same drop with Inibuild EGGK dynamic Lights. Considering this, JennaSoft original Dynamic lights can not be considered as the problem itself. It looks more like a conjunction of the adding of an heavy airport with London area with DL that may cause it.
  22. I assume you mean P3Dv5. I don't know. currenytly working on ADE file for P3Dv5 and it should be finished tomorrow but there still work on excessive windows reflexion, SODE and grass elevation issue that may take weeks.
  23. Bonjour, vous pouvez utiliser ces deux fichier pour P3Dv5 qui enlève les batiments par défaut et les taxi signs. Il correspond à la version ADE avec A380 statique. Je produirai demain les 2 versions sans A380 statique et sans AI. néanmoins, il reste d'autres mises à jour à faire avant une version P3Dv5 satisfaisante - les zones de pelouses sont surélevées(un autre client décrit à l'inverse des fossés sur ces mêmes zones). A en croire le forum ADE, les anomalies de mesh sont fréquente dans P3Dv5 sur les scènes P3Dv4 - les textures de vitres sont trop réfléchissante - les passerelles SODE ont disparue et sont à reconfigurer pour P3Dv5 EGKK_ADE_P3Dv5_AI2.bgl EGKK_ADE_P3Dv5_AI2_CVX.bgl
  24. Re, le fichier P3Dv5 est plus lourd que prévu à télécharger. Cela va nécéssiter la première partie de nuit...Je vous recontacte demain soir.
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