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  1. Merry Christmas Sir. In July I posted a request in the appropriate Aerosoft AES forum suggesting O. Pabst provide compatibility for the FS9 version of LFLL. Others have agreed such it is now identified as a "Popular Post." It is forbidden under Oliver's rules to issue reminders in that forum. Therefore I wonder whether you, as developer, could take this issue up with Oliver directly? Many thanks.
  2. Yes. It would be tragic for FS9 users to miss out on your wonderful rendition of LTBA.
  3. I would like to propose VECC, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport, Kolkata (Calcutta,) India It is the 5th busiest airport in India and is on the opposite side of the country from New Delhi and Mumbai (airports already released.) The new terminal is quite stylish. It is a medium-sized airport with plenty of regional and SE Asian international routes to appeal to simmers. India and China have the fastest developing middle-class which augers well for aviation so this region is likely to become a focal point. Finally it is a 'new' destination to Flight Sim, long ignored by developers, just as was the case with Istanbul when I first suggested that to you back in the old forum. Taxi2Gate has shown itself to be adventurous with it's recent choice of Doha. Your going in the right direction ... just keep going a little further, please.
  4. Hello Cesar. Even if you choose not to support FS9 for your future projects I really appreciate all your airports currently available for that platform.
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