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  1. sargas

    Nouveaux taxiways

    Bonjour, je me posais également la question de la prise en compte de la nouvelle configuration des taxiways à LFLL. Pensez-vous faire une mise à jour ? Merci par avance pour votre réponse.
  2. sargas

    LFLL-FranceVFR compatibility

    Hi, I've tried with new update and I got the same result as Clo08. I removed files : - AFX_LFLL.bgl + n46_005A.bgl from Rhone-Alpes PHOTO Vol1 - n46_005A.bgl from NextMesh France and I put the new AFCAD file in \Addon Scenery\Lyon Airport X\Lyon Airport\Scenery but sorry the result is the same ... Regards
  3. sargas

    LFLL-FranceVFR compatibility

    Hello Clo08, did you make trials with the France VFR slope file provided with the Nextmesh ?
  4. sargas

    LFLL-FranceVFR compatibility

    Hello, thank you for this update ! I'll check it next night Serge
  5. sargas

    LFLL-FranceVFR compatibility

    Hi, Finally, I bought the scenery .. First of all, I noticed a contradiction between the documentation and the automatic installer. In documentation "Lyon Airport Mesh" must be declared with a higher priority than "Lyon Airport X" and the installer made the opposite. What do you think is the right priority ? I confirm that there are actually quite a few compatibility problems with the mesh of the France VFR Scenery as you can see on the screenshot below. I have made different trials - just start after installation (no additional actions) - with or without "Lyon Airport Mesh" - with a specific slope file provided by France VFR and copied in /scenery of "Lyon Airport X" The result is more or less the same. I have another problem with the scenery : There are no glide path broadcasted with the 3 ILS frequencies. I have tried with the default MS defauft scenery and it works (it's not a problem with my plane settings). And just a little disappointment : there are no movable jetways. But however, it's a good scenery. Regards
  6. sargas

    LFLL-FranceVFR compatibility

    You can find Links below : http://www.francevfr.com/gamme_mesh.htm http://www.francevfr.com/product_photora1.htm I have both. Although there are two products, I think that a part of this NextMesh is integrated in each Photo product.
  7. sargas

    LFLL-FranceVFR compatibility

    Hi, first of all, I would like to say that I'm very happy to find the first scenery for LFLL FSX. Before to place an order, I would like to know what is the compatibility of LFLL with France VFR Photo HD Rhone-Alpes Scenery and mainly with the Nextmesh ? Thanks in advance for your answer. Regards