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  1. Hello, I wanted to ask if you were going to do an update for this scenery: at LFLL, new taxiways were opened and the runway 36L/18R is now black. Also, you were talking about releasing a patch that would change the color of the scenery, to match better with the france vfr product "Rhône Alpes photo". Is this still a project? Regards
  2. Merci pour ces mises à jours Olivier Effectivement, un petit patch pour la gare et les ponts serait le bienvenue... Sinon, après le patch colorimétrique, allez-vous travailler sur les nouveaux taxiways construit cet été? Bonne soirée
  3. Hello everyone, For me, the update work just fine... I updated my airport to 1.1, then deleted the files in Rhone-Alpes PHOTO, and then updated to 1.2... I can tell that Jennasoft did a really great job! Just so you know, I don't use nextmesh, just Rhone-Alpes PHOTO (1&2). Bonne soirée...
  4. Perfect ! I hope that the France VFR compatibility patch will be released soon... (courage!) By the way, after the release of this really good airport, are you planning on doing another one? Now I'm really looking forward your new work Bonne journée...
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