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  1. Well done on the 300 Shrey,and yep looks good but the price ouch
  2. More colourful landscape,vegetation is different
  3. AUS SP4 was my very first purchase it is absolutely excellent and I can not give you conversion rates but check this link mate. http://www.pcaviator.com.au/store/search.php?mode=search&page=1
  4. Pe11e, England is fine actually great I believe there was unrealistic expectation with the city of London ie buildings as such.As far as away from London City it is superb,I can not compare the two,may seem a bit hypocritical to my previous post but wales is so different in colour.
  5. I am currently reviewing this product and so far give it the highest level of anything in Fsx so far,apart from PMDG
  6. Looks great,keep us updated on progress please
  7. Windows 8 runs FSX pretty well,I know of a couple of people running it,the good thing is most developers are trying to embrace it and seems so far to be minimal difference,although it seems to have dramas with Gauge alignment,but only minimal.
  8. Yep,looks great.LOVE IT,WELL DONE
  9. jamesberry

    I'm Back!

    After a long stint working out at sea,I am amazed and impressed at the following this site has generated,So to the Administrator,,,WELL DONE MATE!
  10. I agree with you both,I spoke with Cory Ford of Quality Wings that the extra variants, British Aerospace BAe146-100, British Aerospace BAe146-200, and British Aerospace BAe146-300 will be (QUOTE) Early 2013 is the current forecast.
  11. Hahaha,smart arse, I guess you may not need it with 16GB
  12. That seems a little odd,if you have a look at your config file and it seems fine I would try it again.
  13. http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/files/file/1598-fps-limiter-02/
  14. Mmmm, my experience has been,to obtain stability I normally run the frame rate limiter on such products as PMDG.30FPS I found is ideal for my system and as stated above it alleviates some small stutters that I experience otherwise.But you must also be aware that whilst my frames are set to 30 on FSX they are still run on unlimited,it is also recommended to have an EXE shortcut on the desktop for the limiter to work effectively.So the scenario I give to other simmers is this ''say you are flying a high fidelity aircraft from the deserts of Nevada and you have really great frames,then on approac
  15. I have my sliders maxed and without a FPS limiter I achieve with high end aircraft and scenery 60FPS
  16. Yes I have,Yes I did,Yes my FPS jumped dramatically,Yes I can not live without it,it is the best and I even donated to that site.10/10 from me!
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