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  1. Look here: http://forum.avsim.net/topic/423624-amd-139-tutorial-get-fsx-working-again/
  2. Could be something to do with AMD drivers, I read recently that the latest ones cause FSX crashes I think there is another topic on here about it and what to roll back to.
  3. That water looks freaking sweet
  4. I use these literally all the time, be it Orbx or default: And my CFG tweaks:
  5. As far as I can recall from a brief use of them at a friends, they were relatively decent, very good for Wilco in terms of quality. As far as I know they are the best on the market for the Embraer at the moment, I personally don't know of any others but from what I have read around as well they are supposed to be somewhat decent
  6. Do not use FSX Booster, that thing does nothing helpful at all. I have all the tweaks I personally use on my profile, those are the general ones you would want to stick with.
  7. I do a little colour correction to remove the green tinge of the game, that is all. The sun was edited in on the two as mentioned but that was due to a glitch, that is all The window streaks that you can see, react with the suns position. They look pretty awesome, not seen anything else like it so far.
  8. Hello! This is my first post for a LONG time! Scenery is Orbx FTX England and the aircraft is Alabeo's Piper Tomahawk. The screenshots were taken in real date and almost real time with REX Textures and Opus's [AWESOME] weather engine. The sun visible in a couple of shots however was edited in as my sun glare texture was not displaying properly unfortunately This was a multiplayer session where I was flying with TicTac around his home area, Cumbria in Northwest England. I live just across border in Scotland. Anyway, enough babbling. On with the screenshots! Somewhere over
  9. Newegg is in the US, so it wouldn't be a good idea, not sure how to find any local Belgian or generaly European sites. If you are willing to pay for international shipping then that is up to you, it wouldn't be too bad unless Belgium is bad on import tax or something like that Haswell sounds good and the RAM and GPU will be fine, as for the RAM you could pickup some new 8GB with the Haswell components just make sure it is DDR3-1600MHz.. Really not sure what is wrong with the stuff you have. I'll take a look at the CFG shortly.
  10. I should have probably looked that up, yes that motherboard does support it some of the later 67 series did actually support Ivy Bridge however I never assumed that an H-board would have. I said the motherboard would quite possibly not be able to overclock I may be confusing that with H77/H87 series since it was lately that they locked it to the Z-series. So that may be totally fine. As for the RAM issue if a stick was not working the chance of your PC booting AT ALL with that stick in is highly unlikely, so it is more likely that you are still running a 32bit operating system? As
  11. You will need a new series motherboard as the 60 series does not support the Ivy Bridge processors. Your other option is to get a Sandy Bridge i7 which is not really that lower performance, Ivy Bridge never really made any difference. So either A - Get the processor and a new motherboard Z77 series. B - Just get an i7-2600k or 2700k and it will be compatible with that motherboard but H67 does not support overclocking if I recall correctly. OR get a brand new i7-4770k Haswell CPU which is a little better than the 3770k. The benefit here is that there is a massive choice of motherboar
  12. I have looked around and I think there is just a major shortage of stock in the UK atm, a lot of placing seem to be expecing more in the coming weeks. Star Citizen might be the culprit
  13. Go for the first one, higher frequency memory, and for some reason it is cheaper XD
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