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  1. Dear iFlysimx, It's really important that you allow reasonable freedom of people's views on the forum. What you did tonight in locking a perfectly valid thread about my PMDG Support Experience (which contained facts, not guesses or bashing), screamed one thing to me; AVSIM .... here we go again. The individual user is snubbed and has their thread locked, and the large corporate developer is protected. I'm really disappointed that you suddenly chose to do that, as it was nothing to do with "positive vs negative"; it was about an appalling case of support provided to the user. Forums and communities like this should be supporting users in challenging poor service like this. So regretfully, I request you to close my account. I had huge hopes for this forum but it appears it will be subject to the same "don't challenge the big guys" approach as AVSIM. Regards.
  2. Nope. Here's a Caledonian L1011 taken in 1998, a year after I flew with 'em This may well be the actual aircraft I flew on. They dropped the "British" in later years as can be seen.
  3. ...... just to update that another 9 hours has passed since I posted Post #1 of this thread, and the complete lack of any service I had received to re-activate my download link, despite paying PMDG another $4.95 for a product I'd already bought .......... .............and........... ..still no reply from Paul Golnick (PMDG Support), still no email from PMDG with re-activated links, and still no renewed Download Link in my account at PMDG ........ We cruise past the full 24 hours mark, and a full business day, without my download link being renewed. I know this is not the most interesting thread, but I'm sure you agree it's quite fascinating see how long this can go on. PayPal dispute to get my $4.95 back next, as they have not provided the "Extended Download Service". I say again, before this dreadful experience, I loved PMDG and I'd sad and disappointed that a company like PMDG could fail to provide any type of service to someone who has paid for it.
  4. Very good review and beautiful pictures! I can't wait for the A319 to come, as it's my favourite in the A3XX family. Oh just one picky thing; it's the VNAV Descent that's not working properly yet, rather than the whole VNAV not working. The VNAV climb (in other words Managed Climb) works great. But yeah, we need that VNAV Descent patched up!
  5. I've been looking out for this too My first long-haul flight was on a British Caledonian L1011, back in 1997 flying from Manchester to Goa (India). I was a bit put off that it's being made by CLS, as I am not a fan of theirs, but saying that, they made the Just Flight BAe 146, and it was pretty good, so hopefully the L1011 will follow that trend! PS.... Pete is right about Just Flight's support; they are awesome. They do a no quibble refund (same as Flight 1) and offer superb support. Some of their products have been poor in the past, but have improved recently, with the 146 etc. And a word about Simmarket; they are ok for support and they do give lifetime access to download links, but yes Pete is right, sometimes their pricing is crazy !!! ---------> Here is an example; yesterday I was about to buy "Airport Enhancer HDX" by Ceilosim, for EUR 23.95 from Simmarket ....... something made me check Cielosim's own website first, and they were selling the same product for $9.99 !!!! ....... what a difference!
  6. I totally agree. You can buy the product from Aerosoft and boy do I wish I had! .... I will not ever buy another direct download product directly from PMDG after this experience. Aerosoft are great, and even if you pass a 'maximum activations limit' they will reset it if you email them with the reason. Simmarket and Flight Sim Store (Australia) both also provide unlimited lifetime access to downloads. Even if PMDG gave you 1 year, or perhaps 5 downloads it would be fair, but they give you access to your purchased download for only 1 week, then it's removed, and you have to pay the additional $4.95 to get the download link again....... .......... but I paid my $4.95 and still don't have my link renewed in my account. Really surprised at the poor level of service from such a high quality developer as PMDG.
  7. If I had waited 3 hours after paying my extra $4.95, I would not have even wasted my time complaining. My complaint is not even that they charge the "fine" of $4.95 to re-download your product - it's that in my case, they haven't even then given me what I've paid for! .......... The $4.95 is pretty questionable as a bit of an unethical way to get extra money out of people, but I accept that unlike with my other PMDG products, I forgot to make a backup of the installer on CD. I take responsibility for that ...... so I accepted my $4.95 "fine" but still (with the ticket closed by them), have not had my download link restored. If you are going to charge people a fiver to re-download their product, you should do it pretty efficiently........ or at least just do it!
  8. Hi all, Firstly, let me assure you that you will not find a bigger fan and supporter of PMDG's products than myself. I have bought everything they've released since 2001. However sometimes, we find the true measure of a company when things go wrong and we need help. I've had a dreadful experience with PMDG Support over the last couple of days. It's a pretty black & white case of paying for something (arguably paying for it twice), and not receiving it. Have a read;
  9. I have voted for the Majestic Q400. I obviously cannot wait for the PMDG 777, but being a long hauler, it won't get as much use, as my FS window is usually 1-2 hours. With the Q400 I can fly 3 sectors in that time, and the quality looks awesome!
  10. +1 With the complexity of aircraft like the PMDG NGX and the AXE, I expect some performance loss, but actually I think both perform fantastically considering when is going on in the background of your PC .......... compare that with the Carenado SR-22; an GA aircraft with a G1000 that is not much more than the default FSX G1000, yet for me, frame rates are 30% heavier in this Carenado offering than in the NGX! .......... In fact that Carenado SR-22 is the heaviest aircraft on frame rates, I have ever flown in any version of FS .... even a little heavier than the Flight 1 Cessna Mustang. When you consider that aside from the G1000, it does not really have any special functionality over and above a default aircraft, that's not so good.
  11. If you want to simply sit on the ground at an airport and look at the beauty of the textures, then the CS aircraft may be as nice visually ......... but if you want any level of systems realism, features, and reliability then forget CS !!!! .......... it will be PMDG all the way. CS make great vintage airliners, where they don't need to look at VNAV, FMCs, etc.......... (Eg... I really like their 727 and 737-200)..... but they should never had gone into the modern complex genre IMHO, as it just is not their strength and I've found all of their modern airliners very buggy, non-convincing and just not right to fly. I'm being pretty diplomatic there, as my real view on this is that CS cannot credibly be mentioned in the same sentence as PMDG !!! ....... but I appreciate not everyone thinks that way.
  12. Airbus X Extended and PMDG 737NGX ............ I love 'em both equally! I think the current bias in attention towards the AXE is just because it's release has been more recent, whereas it will be 2 years this Summer since the NGX was released ...... (can you believe it's that long!).
  13. Actually I first bought their Q300 in Jan 2005 and it was an awesome addon at that time - nothing around had the same level of systems coverage that it had (including the PMDG products of that time). But it is very old now, especially in terms of the panel and VC. The Q400 looks mega!!!!
  14. Lovely! I fly the AXE out of UK2000 EGNT all the time (With FTX England too). But my UK2000 suffers from very bad shimmering ... (even with high AA / AF settings).. I think it may be because I am using an ATI card (a HD 7850 2GB).
  15. .........and it runs beautifully in P3D ! So the package I am talking about is the PNG Raw Grit / Extreme Bush Trekker Combo pack from Pacific Island Simulations. I think I bought this originally in 2010 but I have just installed it into P3D for the first time, and it looks AMAZING! .... 40 challenging airfields, lovely custom scenery, brilliant landclass, texture and terrain upgrades for all of Papua New Guinea ...... this one is a bush flying MUST .... especially in the Carenado C185 Tundra. Something has finally tore me away from FTX England, and in PNG, I am having some of the best fun I've ever had in the hobby. Support is also fantastic for Pacific Island Simulations. I had originally only bought the PNG: Raw Grit addon (19 airfields) and enquired if there was an upgrade to the Combo pack available (to prevent me having to buy the Raw Grit element twice)......... ........ the answer? ..... just log into your Simmarket acct where you bought Raw Grit, select to buy the Combo product and the price will come up as EUR 0.00 and you can download the full combo pack (which sells for more than I bought the Raw Grit pack for) for free! Unbelievably fantastic way to treat customers! You can get it here:- http://islandsim.com/
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