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  1. +++ well said, count me in as well
  2. Yes I´m disappointed if they quit, but that is not the thing I meant. My point is that a lot of people are viewing this topic and that T2G has not the decency to answer to this topic after half a year, or at least making a statement. I think it is not nice to customers who bought a lot of stuff from them.. (like me)
  3. Hello T2G, Thank you for your kind reply to this topic, which is one of your most viewed topics so there is still a lot of interest in FS9. I had to read on facebook that you guys quit developing for fs9. If so, it is really sad, but I think it is rude to your potential customers to ignore them on this forum. I bought all your latest products for fs9 and it would have been nice to make an official announcement on this topic. As I said, this topic is almost your most viewed one so people are checking it a lot if there is anything news about a fs9 development... Hope you can understand t
  4. Dear T2G, I guess a lot of FS9 users are eager to know.. Will we every see a VHHH (or LTBA) for FS9? Those are really large airports for which a lot of simmers are willing to pay in my opinion.. At least my money will be yours. It would be really sad if you quit FS9, because your sceneries are from outstanding quality and my PC can't handle FSX properly.. Hope to hear from you and Merry Christmas:) Thomas
  5. Thanks Taxi2Gate for supporting FS9, I really appriciate it! And of course, bought KMCO
  6. Is there perhaps any news? Fingers crosed.......
  7. At least thanks for trying, it would be awesome to fly to KMCO with fs9
  8. lets hope so............
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