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  1. Thomas, hi, thank you for a detailed answer. Much appreciated. Will try unchecking the grass and report. I am using the latest version om P3D with the latest hottfix. The issue with disappearing manifests with snow textures on the apron and taxiways. I'll snap a photo and show you if u want me to. Best regards, Ivan ps I unchecked the 3D grass and no more grass flickering and snow texture disappearing. The yellow jetbridges still flicker but i can live with that
  2. Guys, first of all thank you for this lovely airport, it's a beauty for sure. I would love to report grass texture flickering, yellow jet bridges flicker when in the outside view, and winter textures on the apron disappear and appear when changing angle of the view. I'm using chase plane. Thanks again, Ivan
  3. I am missing a a warehouse7hangar a the west side of the airport.
  4. I have the same beacon appearing above the terminals. edit - beacon gone after install with the newest installer
  5. Is the installer on the simmarket the latest version? if it is, why is this still here B10 sign at A gates
  6. Oh yeah the yellow signs are gone but with the highest mesh setting thing look like this, though i use mesh 5 because of FSDT and Flightbeam airports, so it looks worse than this. Thanks for all your hard work and i'm just loving your new airport! Best regrds Ivan
  7. And here is the rest. Gate A9 has a B10 glate sign plate
  8. I have tested each gate that has a jetway, a few gates are spot on with the yellow line and jetways working great but there are some that should be worked on. Here are the pics, hope it will help.
  9. What are the changes in the update? will test now ignore never mind, read the list included in the rar)
  10. Guys, would it be possible for you to make taxiway and runway lights brighter inclluding PAPI and ALS lights. They are hardly visible, and right now Doha is experiencing some low visibility also Thanks
  11. There is already an update afcad on taxi2gate fbook page, one user posted it
  12. no problem, thank you for again the great scenery! keep up the good work! Best regards, Ivan
  13. One is a jet bridge splited, and the other one highway at the rnwy 34L
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