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  1. I fixed the problem, by disabling the same files but for FTX Eng that means: Ftx_eng_egkk_objects. ADE_FTX_ENG_EGKK.bgl ADE_FTX_ENG_EGKK_CVX.bgl Ade_ftx_eng_egkk_objects.bgl Thank you for your help! and very nice work I hope the next one is lyon =D
  2. Sorry, yes I am P3D V4.5 I have Orbx global, Open LC europe, Vector, FTX England, and true earth. I disabled FTX England and true earth and that solved the problem. I reactivated FTX England and but without True Earth and the problem came back Yes in my folder I have the file EGKK_ADEX_ADE.bgl
  3. I have two towers, I have two pillars at deck level, I have one building over another, and a "hole". I deleted the files and saved them in another folder
  4. Hello, I installed EGKK but I have default buildings .. I read the readme, disabled 4 orbx files but I still have them. Can you help me?
  5. Oh ! Already hello to you two and thank you Erik, I did not know we could increase the number of lights. It's very useful! Kevin,
  6. Hello, I worked GSX on any CDG, here is what it contains: - custom placed gsx vehicles - custom placed docking system (VDGS) - optimized parking stops - no overlapping of gsx and static vehicles - tested with SODE Jetways and GSX Level 2 (transparent jetways replaced to see the passengers and Jetways terminal C replaced correctly) You can find all these changes here: https://www.aviationlads.com/download/ there is this same file for other airport as well as Munich of Taxi2Gates Thank you Kévin,
  7. Bonjour Jetstream, je tenez à vous dire que l'éclairage est beaucoup moins gourmand avec la 4.2 et que ce problème est maintenant réglé ! merci beaucoup pour votre aide =)
  8. Merci, =) désolé de la réponse tardive, j'étais en Pologne et je viens de rentrer
  9. Non dans la durée, que je me mette à une porte en allumant mon simulateur ou que je revienne sur Nantes après 1 ou 4h de vol j'ai de grosses saccades. Niveau FPS je suis à 25/30 mais avec de très grosses saccades
  10. Bonjour, j'ai votre scène Nantes, et quand je me trouve sous l'éclairage dynamique j'ai de gros lag, alors que sur LIML c'est parfait. Avez vous une solution ? Merci
  11. Hello, I have a problem I installed your last update for P3DV3 and the stage is all black with a problem of elevation. Do you have an idea ? thank you,
  12. Hi, I just tried this tweak and yes indeed I gained 5 fps Orly (aerosoft) with traffic and the Airbus X. Thank you for this tweak, Good flights!
  13. hello, I totally agree with Mister_bellik And I would love a LFPG by taxi2gates !! Your scenes are simply superb Continued like this Kevin,
  14. I know aerosoft is already done, but I'd love LFPG! beautiful just as you can do would be just great! in any case continued like that! But in the Caribbean MDPC would great! because only add on is very old ...
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