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  1. It has been a while now and no response from Taxi2Gate on my questions. A simple question, is it able to reduce the HD textures so that the upload time ( white aircraft) can be shortened. Other companies offer high and low textures. Also in the Select scenery there are two LFPG, LFPG which starts near a runway & T2GP which is not on a taxi/runway. Please see attached image in previous post.
  2. Now installed the new version of LFPG but I still have trouble with the upload time and white textures. This is a little better since I can disable the high resolution grass using the configuration tool. Have sent a couple of e-mails to T2G asking if a set of low resolution textures can be made for clients like me who do not have an high end PC. Up to now I have not received a reply. Also in the Select scenery there are two LFPG, LFPG which starts near a runway & T2GP which is not on a taxi/runway. Please see attached image. Can I reduce the size of texture file my self using the DTXBmp programme. Any advice welcome.
  3. I have waited a long while for this product. Have got most of Taxi2Gate products and LFPG is the only one which give a white screen for about 25 seconds and when the airport comes up it takes a while until the buildings show up. Also the aircraft are white and also takes a while to get the airline liveries. As nothing was stated on SimMarket I could only read the PDF document after installation, which states ""We observed that AI TRAFFIC is a FPS and VAS killer."" This seems to be a little late to me. As I think that reducing the AI Traffic may help a little a reduction in the airport self is needed. Is there any way to reduce or disable textures to a lower "resolution. Would for example changing Volumetric Grass to normal grass help. Have noticed apart from the three scenery files which are in the Scenery Library in the Taxi2Gate Folder LFPG-Layer UP texture folder is empty, also I have a scenery & texture folder which are empty. I bought this scenery as soon as it came out so I expected minor problems but not this. As I mentioned all my other Taxi2gate are working good. Any advice welcome
  4. Has anyone the RealWorld HD scenery of Qatar along with T2G Doha OTHH, if yes are there any compatibility issues. Other RealWorld Arabian products work well with addons but Doha has a new airport a distance away from the old OTBD airport.
  5. No issues after installing new installer, when I installed the previous installer I had to fill in the Key & Auth. Code which was not neccessary with the latest installer. Could this have been the cause of the problem or was it a faulty installer. However when I after uninstalling the previous version I now get this message when I start FSX. Invalid Remote Scenery Area 504 & 505, in the Scenery Library I do not have these numbers. What does this mean and how can I correct these messages. Please see attachment. EDIT Found following, after a quick search on Internet, in Hidden Files Scenery and removed them using Notepad. The following files after these were for the new installation Areas of KSEA [Area.504] Title= Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=1 [Area.505] Title= Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=2
  6. FSX Windows7 As mentioned on another topic January 30th the latest scenery names update details do not show up in the Scenery Library. Boxes ticked on but the rest of the lines are blank. The airport show up, remaining old KSEA removed from Add-On Scenery. Are we the only two members with this issue. If I tick on the blank line can I remove the Airport & Terrain files then add these folders back to the Library manually. Or wil I get the same blank issue. Like some reactions before I mess up anything. Why is it only with KSEA and not with the new EDDM update. As asked by the original member is there an update planed for this issue. I checked Taxi2Gate.org for updates but KSEA is not even mentioned. Is the issue anything to do with the changes. ""Changes: -p3d v3 installer -PNW-ORBX Compatibility included - Jetways can adjust its altitude with ctrl+J command – Fix flickering ground textures"" Only installed the up-date for the possible issue Jetways & flickering.
  7. Installed the update today and got the same results, maybe I should read the forums first to find out if there were any issues. Any news of an update. As I updated EDDM a couple of days age and there was no issue as with Seattle. I presume that this is the only Taxi2Gate Airport with this issue. Have FSX Windows7
  8. I have FSX. Received today an e-mail from SimMarket about a Seattle update. Cannot find info on the forum telling if there is an update and what is in the update. Also the e-mail states that the old KSEA has to be removed before the new update is installed. Please can someone verify the up-date.
  9. So far no reaction to my topic posted 29 December about the poor floodlight night lighting, is this an issue that will be solved in the new update. As I mentioned these same lighting are working perfectly in other Taxi2Gate Airports.
  10. Added EDDM to my list of Taxi2Gate airports. I do not know if this topic has been mentioned before. The floodlighting at night is very poor, is it possible that a update comes that can improve it. Then the great airport will be even more realistic. Please see image. Have FSX EDIT: My other Taxi2Gate airports like Doha and Istanbul have excellent lighting.
  11. Made a couple of more images about elevation issues
  12. Have just installed another fantastic Taxi2Gate airport. However there is a mesh issue at the airport, roads suddenly stops. Please see image. Also I have an issue that the ground at the is not always flat, in a sort of crater near an area with trees. Is the green pyramid meant to be there. Will take an image next time on FSX. Have set the Mesh & Texture Resolution to the recommended number without any success. Have FSXGlobal 2008, UTX & GEX. Please advice.
  13. Regarding the updates is is it possible to add in the Readme or the up-date page the date when these are released. I think that for example that I have up-dated KMCO in the past, how can I check this. Would running the up-date install programme again cause any issues. Also I have noticed some up-dates are in "RAR" and others in a automatic installer. Just added KSEA to my collection of the great Taxi2Gate sceneries.
  14. A couple of questions, do you always need to remover the original ( as stated in the SimMarket e-mail) before updating T2G sceneries. I have noticed that the issues around the airport perimeter like the "miss-alignment" of some roads and trees on the roads are still there. Please see attachment.
  15. A few small issues in the Afcad, at several gates, the aircraft is too far forward resulting issues like the wings are in the jetways, or the nose is too near the terminal. Found the issues at several E & N gates, not checked all the airport. Can alter these issues myself with ADEX, although I have noticed that several developers seem to put in an Afcad without checking first. Also using Ctrl & J only one jetway (the second one) moves and not the others. Like all your sceneries which I have this is excellent. Very frame friendly. Issues great and small are found in most developers airports. P.S. A compliment to all the Taxi2Gate team for their work in producing these airports. Attached photo of wing/jetway issue.
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