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  1. untick them in the scenery library. And you shouldnt disable default sceneries, but If I usually only fly in the US, and I have a Heathrow addon, and an Oslo airport addon, disabling those in the scenery library should speed up load times. I don't know if disabling sceneries helps with fps at all. I dont really think so. I tried this for a while, but didn't feel I gained anything from it after a couple of weeks of doing this.
  2. KMSP probably would be my first choice. I saw someone say Cancun, some more mexico vacation destinations would be interesting, Cancun, Cabo San Lucas (MMSD smaller airport), Puerto Vallarta (MMPR)
  3. if you have orbx vector version 1.1 they have some elevation issues, disabling the airport elevation corrections (AEC) for the airport should fix it for any addon airport.
  4. bradp

    QW 757 Engine Roar

    Newest video in the 757 from qw. Purchased it after watching iFLY test it out on the stream. Nice plane, I prefer it over the captain sim version I also have.
  5. Do you have ORBX vector installed? Latest update to version 1.1 has been causing some elevation issues at airports. Especially addon airports.
  6. bradp

    Random FSX Videos

    Here are some links to some videos i have made. With more on my channel.http://www.youtube.com/user/bradpederson85 Thessaloniki X
  7. Looks good. Im excited for a good CRJ. Can you post any more screenshots?
  8. I love the NGX. But I like tubeliners. I also have the pmdg 777, and airbus x, and CS 757/767/727/737............... but by far the most flights i do are with the ngx. 600/700/800/900
  9. Hmm interesting. I'll give it a try. Ive experimented with the fiber frame time fraction numbers quite a bit, but when I played with different numbers I never really noticed a difference. So what you are saying is, set FPS on inspector to a locked rate, and in fsx leave unlimited, and try the fiber frame fraction tweak, and you should see less blurries?
  10. I was on dx9 forever, and then finally about 2 months ago made the switch to DX10. Its been good. I cant say for sure how much better DX10 is, but with the fixer and some tweaks, i have zero issues running dx10 mode.
  11. I have tested FPS with various limits, and for my rig i've found that I get better frames and smoothness while set to unlimited. I did benchmarks at various locked FPS settings, and it was always better for me with setting everything to unlimited. Depends on the system I suppose.
  12. I must be lucky, fortunate, or have a good rig. Ive never had crashes to desktop while flying, or OOMs or anything really. I'm constantly tweaking and changing things, and thankfully I've been lucky enough to not have screwed things up for myself in any way while making changes. I have so many addons and scenery and the such and have never had an issue, but I see these complaints all the time about crashes, etc. So maybe I'm just lucky!
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