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  1. I'm on your side, Answers are what we need. But they won't answer you here. If you really want to hear from them you have to spam the support email adress
  2. Nothing but what did you expect? They'll release Paris and then they'll continue on with the next scenery. I was really hoping that they would work on a fix and implement the new midfield satellite, but somehow I think that this is not going to happen...
  3. The problem is that Taxi2Gate promises to deliver but then that does not happen.
  4. NZAA Auckland was actually just announced by Flightbeam so I guess you will get the best rendition that is possible!
  5. It's so sad. A good scenery is nothing without support. It is of course nice when a developer continues to deliver destinations for the community. But when the developer does not listen to the community and does not help them/fix the problems/implement new things the community gets upset. I get more and more the feeling that there are quite strange people behind Taxi2Gate. Almost no support, prices on new sceneries increase extremly and then you have to PAY for an upgrage to P3D (see Guadeloupe), NO other company did this. And then there was this bullshit with the spam adware about this health
  6. Finally an answer from you guys, appreciate you still have plans to update Munich, an as I said updating the satellite, fixing the bugs and adding SODE would make Munich perfect!!
  7. An update for the Satellite in general would be great. The comment above features an older picture, in the meantime All Munich "M" Logos have been added to the west site, the one facing to the left and the east side has received Lufthansa Logos. Also a few gate positions on the east side need to have jetways. So come on T2G, you showed how fast you can work. Maybe finish Paris first and then get out another update for Munich, fixing the issues mentioned in this thread, adding SODE and updating the Satellite of Terminal 2. Your sceneries are of a great quality, one of the best available out the
  8. That's the major problem with T2G, their scenery quality is absolutely amazing but sadly the customer support is poor and sometimes non existent. seems like we have to live with the remaining bugs that were not fixed in the general update
  9. Nassau is being done by IDS and should be close to release by now
  10. Imaginesim is recreating the airport at the moment. So it should be up to date (including the new terminal) and should have better textures aswell
  11. Since I am a FSX User too, I'm not that happy if Taxi2Gate would start working on every airport they haven't made for FS9 so far, because that would be time in which they could do a new airport... But still it's not okay to talk in such a rude language but instead argument like a normal person and not like a small child! You have to understand that these people invested quite a bit of money in their sim and you can't just throw away a pimped FS9 at a value of 400€+! So keep that in mind, it is an open discussion here for every one and so should you behave! Greetings, GRP
  12. Guys, I think this discussion is senseless. Everyone has his favourite simulator. The point is that Taxi2Gate decides whether they develop their sceneries for FS9 or not. Since they announced their 2 new projects today you can assume that at the moment, there won't follow a FS9 version for Seattle
  13. The next two projects have been already announced being Munich and Paris. But wasn't Athens done by FlyTampa?
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