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  2. Thanks for the welcome. I am becoming more sure that CS has made a wonderful plane...they got a bad rep for launching it too early while it was still very buggy way back on the 0.X versions, but the 1.3 so far looks good and has fixed numerous issues that were complained about on the forums. what I can say though is that (I agree with other posts I have seen on the subject in CS forums) the texture artist is amazing... the look of the plane inside and out is outstanding. I will be flying it a bit this weekend and will let you know how it goes but so far I am slowly growing in my admiration for the CS 777 (the 1.3 version that is)
  3. I bought this bird on their most recent 9.99 sale and it now is at version 1.3. My first impressions was that the external model is fantastic and the VC is very nicely textured. I have so far only had a chance to take it for a short hop as Im busy flying my Majestic dash 8 for my VA but I did really enjoy the T7. Everyone tries to compare the CS T7 with the PMDG T7 and I personally don't think its fair. Firstly because PMDG has Boeing in their pocket as it were and so have access to support, tech docs and the real plane that CS wouldn't have but mostly I would never compare the 2 because you will NEVER buy a PMDG T7 for 9.99 euros. I will be testing the CS T7 much more in coming days but I agree with Ted the plane is very nice and for such a great price I am not willing to complain or compare this bird to other models. Looking forward to flying it for FlyUk Aero (My VA) once I'm done flying my q400 to death
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