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    creppel reacted to Mansoor Alkahtire in update scenery OTHH for P3dv4   
    jest want to know if there is any update for OTHH -P3d v4 the parking and the runway its not in place
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    creppel reacted to Charly04 in T2G v4   
    ... and I would ask also for EDDM and for LFPG
    Best regards
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    creppel reacted to BrianW in Jetways KSEA   
    How about a compromise of using a jetway that's set a little lower to begin with at the smaller gates? Right now they align perfectly with the 777, but much too high for a 737.
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    creppel got a reaction from mburkhard in NEW bugs and correction requests Please!   
    Overall I really like that scenery. Very nice destination for short flights to/from OMDB.
    I found a wrong taxiway sign on taxiway C heading south at the end there is A2 instead of A1. On B it is correct.

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    creppel reacted to jddavid in [FSX] VORs and ILS in T2G airports.   
    Hello, guys from T2G. As I have become a huge fan of your sceneries and started buying almost all of them, I have to say, everything is perfect with the exception of some ILS and VORs.
    I'll explain my problem, which I don't know if I am the only one having:
    I recently bought MMMX extreme, MMMY v2, MMMD and MMTJ. And I noticed that the ILS in all of them, is not aligned to the centerline. For example, in MMMX and MMMD, It leaves you to the right of the runway. It is more notorious in MID. And in MMMY it guides you completely out of the runway and in the wrong heading. It looks like all the ILSs are the default ones, since I tried to correct this using Airport Design Editor, but I couldn't find any navaids in you AFCADs and it doesn't allow me to delete or change the default ones or even create new ones.
    Also, it would be great to change MEX VOR to its new frequency of 115.90 and its new coordinates, since they moved it because of the new taxiway and put it a bit closer to rwy 05L-23R for better VOR approaches.
    Thanks for your answers and for your excelent sceneries. It's amazing to see how far you've come since the first version of MMMX.
    Best of lucks!
    Daniel Davidson.
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    creppel reacted to Aquino in Temporary links for updates (MMMX & KMCO)   

    Here are new links for MMMX and KMCO updates.

    MMMX 1.1- https://www.dropbox.com/s/t87f2xaj2xvx0ls/AICM-UPD1-1%201.exe


    KMCO 1.2- https://www.dropbox.com/s/5wa9gyikvnn9xgo/MCO-UPDATE1.2%201.exe

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    creppel reacted to Calum Martin in Temporary links for updates (MMMX & KMCO)   
    Can you please upload these to Dropbox or something clean and less spammy please.
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    creppel reacted to DMullert in Temporary links for updates (MMMX & KMCO)   
    This is ridiculous guys!
    The sites where the files have been placed for download ring all kinds of virus attack threats with all the antivirus on all my machines.  Please get the website situation fixed guys and please make the update files available through a secure method. I do not use Facebook for security reasons so Facebook is not an option for many. This is not good.
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    creppel reacted to Dekpol in Temporary links for updates (MMMX & KMCO)   
    Hello! Can someone send me update for MMMX T2G? I bought this sceneries, but I'm not going else somewhere register to have update. Thank You.
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    creppel reacted to Taxi2gate in Temporary links for updates (MMMX & KMCO)   
    UPDATE 1.1
    UPDATE 1.2