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  1. Hello again, I write requesting the best advice of those who know more about fsx, this time I ask them their experiences and concepts between these programs that improve the experience of fsx. 1. FS Global Real Weather v1.7 or 2. Opus.Software-OpusFSX 1. A2A Accu-Feel or 2. 3D Real Cockpit Effect appreciate any information
  2. Hello everyone, I am writing asking for your help, do not know if anyone can help me with a fault that occurs in my fsx and when flight 777, 737, 747 PMDG, Airbus extended and most aircraft, and leave momentarily simulator to view information on any web browser, or when changing tasks and return to the simulator no longer recognizes the jostick the pc computer if it recognizes the jostick, but fsx does not recognize it, I tried to install the latest driver and sometimes the fsx recognizes the jostick again, but not to do the same task switching procedure and return to fsx, it fails to recogniz
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