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  1. Greetings all. I have searched and searched but have not found anyone talking about the problem I am having with T2G KSTL in P3D V3.1. The taxi lights are gone. Also missing are the wig wags and green center line lights. Everything else seems to be working just fine. I installed with the migration tool. Day textures are fine, in fact all textures are just as they were in FSX. Runway lights are present and look great. I have emailed support with screenshots and my order #, but have yet to hear back. I was wondering if I am the only one out there with this problem sense I can not find anything on this issue. Can't be. If someone knows of a trick and patch, will you please respond. This is my home airport, I work there for SWA as an Ops agent, so this airport is very important to me. I am hoping this can be an easy fix with the airport utility, but I have no clue on how to use it. I use AS2012 textures for my airport textures only. REX 4 for all other textures. Could AS2012 be the problem?? Many thanks in advance Brett
  2. Id be more than happy to start a DX10 thread, but everything you need to know is right here. Very simple to make the switch, just as long as you have a video card that is DX10 or later. DX10 Link: http://forum.avsim.net/forum/569-dx-10-discussions-hints-and-help/ Only thing you need to buy is the Addon Converter X, but it is try brfore you buy whick is good!!
  3. You would be correct Little 733 I picked up last time I was at Lambert field, Got one for my kids too, but those are broke.....that one is mine!!
  4. For my first post here, I thought I would introduce myself to your all. My name is Brett, I live in Saint Louis, Missouri. I'm a fireman for the city of Saint Louis and have been since 99. Prior to that, I served in the Marine Corps. I'm married to a great wife named Amy and have 3 children, 17, 7 and 5. I have been additcted to flightsim since the early 90's and maybe before, I'd have to Wiki flightsim and see which one I owned first. I remember flying the crop duster on an old compact computer, (the one that looked like a suit case). Anyhow, in 2000, I stumbled across an artical in our local paper about "Virtual Airlines" and decided to check it out for myself. That was SATCO days. Also the begining of SB I joined, (don't remember my PID with SATCO), but soon after VATSIM took over and I do believe I registered the very first day. My VATSIM PID is 812099, so I was the 2099th application in. And have been flying online ever since. Been with a few VA's even helped start one, and have been on the management side of Virtual Airlines also I also was a beta tester for SB2 and SB3, but have since moved on to FSInn. I have grown with FS, and for my 40th birthday, my family all got together and got me the Saitek Pro Flight Yoke System with TQ and rudder peddles and a very healthy gift card to build my own FSX rig. I already had an orginal Alienware Aurora, (before Dell took them over) so I'm proud to say that i have one of the last true Alienware rigs. Now for my 40th, I completley rebuilt my system and the only orginal component left from the Aurora is the case and PSU. My choice of components are as follows: MOBO: ASUS P8 Z68v Pro CPU: i5 2500k OC'd to 4.7MHz GPU: EVGA Nvidia 560Ti Superclocked RAM: 16Gb of DDR3 1600 Hyer Blue X 2 SSD's 1: Crucial 64Gb for my OS (w7 64bit) 2: Crucial 128Gb SSD dedicated to FSX 1 500Gb HDD for Data and 1 250Gb for paging file. I own just about every payware aircraft and scenery that is out there. I run UTX, GEX, GEX Tropics, FSGlobal 2010 amd FSGlobal Americas, Active Sky 2012, REX Essentials, and the list goes on. As of now, my FSX folder is 84.5Gb, so that should tell you that I am an addon junkie. My close FS friends say I need an scenery intervention. Flightsim is a passion of mine, its a stress reliever for me. Today, Im flying the PMDG MD11 in UPS paint from KLAX to MMUN. UPS does not serve Cancun, but I like the route and love the 2012 MMUN sceery. Just in the last month, I have made the move to DX10 and man, what a huge difference. its like a whole new sim. I am working with a couple fellas over at AVSIM and trying to work out the last few bugs, night lighting being the big one. Now, I don't fly at night anymoe because of the family, and I enjoy seeing my scenery, I still am dedicated to help find a fx the the night issue. Thant's about it for me in a nut shell, I would concider myself a flightsim nerd, but I am ok with that!! And so is my family. Hope to talk to you all soon and maybe even get a flight in together. One last thing, I have attached a pic of my flightdeck because, well Im proud of it. Enjoy and Blue Skies!! Brett Lucas
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