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  1. But the terminal is not in operation, and all of us on p3dv4 love flying here to the beautiful city. Could you charge for a p3dv4 update to get the old scenery released soon and expansion next year after the terminal opens?
  2. Hi I enable setting in fsx.cfg file to prompt for missing texture on loading. The MCO scenery looks for a file without an extension. Called only "KMCO-GENERAL1" Is this a bug? Thank you.
  3. Hi thank you for replying. I should not have to lower my settings to lower than flying to JFK or LAX. I did recently upgrade to FSX Steam, so my memory management is better now. But I do not think it is right to lower autogen when flying to MCO if I do not have to do it at other big airports.
  4. I forgot to attach a picture, but I have the latest updates. Any help please?
  5. I just installed Taxi2Gate KMCO. My fps are not bad, but the VAS footprint is outrageous! I have only 700MB of VAS left when sitting at the gate in the PMDG 777. This huge VAS footprint I see in Orbx Southern California sitting at FSDT KLAX... but the only surrounding scenery I have for the area is OpenLC Americas. Any tips for getting some VAS back? As I fly in FSX not P3D this airport is unflyable
  6. I noticed the window textures at night are flashing from a bright lit up yellow to a dark color as I taxi on the taxiways. I will attach a screen shot after landing.
  7. The file OTHH-INTROOF.dds is missing. OTHH-INTROOF_LM.dds is there but not the main file.
  8. I have found some textures that are missing from the KSTL package for FSX. FSX is calling for these texture files and they are not found tire_LM.dds, KSTL-VEHICULES_LM.dds, KSTL-TERMINAL-MAIN-4_LMMMMM.DDS, PART5_0.dds I made sure I have the latest KSTL installer from Simmarket, and downloaded all the files on the update page of your website for STL. Please help thank you
  9. In FSX, I downloaded the latest installer from Simmarket and I still have this problem. Thought this was fixed? Jetway sinking into ground and missing textures, see the gaps in the jetway? You can see right through them
  10. Sorry but this beautiful scenery is ruined by not giving us options for lower resolution textures and terminal buildings without interiors. I cannot fly in or out of this airport in FSX because it causes me to hit the memory limit when flying with ORBX PNW.
  11. No I have DX9. On approach, the texture for VHHH are not loading and either I get an OOM or I have to quit because texture do not appear. I have all basics like highmemfix.
  12. My VHHH ran perfect when I purchased and installed on release. Then I installed the 1.2 patch and now I cannot complete a flight to VHHH. OOM or unloaded textures on approach, always. Please help. Only departure and arrival airports activated in scenery list. Approaching VHHH the surrounding textures do not load, I get black boxes on water. If I get to the runway without an OOM message, all the ground textures there are black. If I change view to outside, my airplane is missing textures that never get loaded. I have only basic fsx tweaks including highmemfix.
  13. OTHH is a great scenery thank you for this airport. I hope you do more airports in the region, like OMAA and OBBI. I have 2 problems. One is there is no ATIS available from the default atc window. Second, ground is not named, it just says "ground." Shouldn't it be called Hamad or Doha Ground, etc? Thank you
  14. Is there a fix for this? I am using dx9
  15. I just landed on 08R at KMIA v2.2, in FSX. There were patches of darkness on the runway where my landing lights did not light it up. This happens all the full length of the runways. Patches every few meters. I am using dX9 Here is an example
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