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  1. Hey, It's been a while since I last looked on this site, but anyway. I have the oculus rift DK2 and downloaded a freeware program that makes it work with P3D 2.4. However, it becomes very laggy, and I think it is because of the display. Basically P3D has to duplicate the screen and have the same image running simultaneously for the Oculus to have its desired effect. I'm considering upgrading my computer and I am not entirely sure what is bottlenecking my PC. I can tell the lag in the fact that if I push the control, the screen is slow to respond. Is this the CPU or GPU responsible? Peter
  2. FOr some reason for ai and online I don't get red text above aircraft, but still get brake messages etc... Any help?
  3. It is not necessarily essential for us to cover every single aircraft, however the more the merrier. I think the main thing about this concept is so the student understands how to use the systems he wants to use, while knowing the qwuerks of the aircraft as well. E.g. Say in the T-38A talon, how to land it properly and the easiest possible way. I think this could be more about understanding the systems, enough to make the student learn how to fly the plane confidently once he has finished, so if he flies solo, he will be OK. Of course this is not professional and I don't intend it to be, but as long as the instructor speaks eloquently and has a decent internet connection with enough knowledge of the plane he will instruct, we could get somewhere. Also, we can use other means of communication that Teamspeak, although Teamspeak is the most ideal. It will be a week and a half before I will get to use FSX, but I am building an ITX desktop for next term, so I could instruct while at school. I have taught some of my friends before at how to fly the T-38 and Lightning, they said I was pretty good. Pete
  4. Restart your laptop, that will clear the RAM. Also have you started flying something different, or different scenery?
  5. For now, use Autothrottle, we don't want to make it too hard. Just go into slew, and every time you land, just go back and repeat. Pete What language are you?
  6. AXE is different. I think it is worth just trying to get an ILS frequency and use that and follow it. Or simply change plane and learn some tricks with that. Pete
  7. If it were to run into a website, I think it would run like this-whether it free or not I don't know But you could choose an instructor depending on what aircraft they specialise in, or something specific, so in example: ToastedBaconGlory- T-38, Lightning, NGX, 744 Simnut- NGX, MD11, 767 Anyway, so you email them for a potential booking and agree on a certain amount of time. The bad news that I was reading from Milviz is that the F-15E and T-38 do not support advanced aircraft sharing. However, they said maybe in the T-38C it would happen. Unfortunately I am at school(I board), so I will need to get some money together to make a much smaller desktop to put FSX for online, because the one at home is far too large. Also there is the issue of GMT etc... Maybe I could design and run a website in conjunction with iflysimx, we can do some advertising and get some members to become instructors. But we seriously need to evaluate the skills of the pilot- it needs to be flawless, so if they asked anything about autopilot or how to do something, e would be able to answer-he can't just know the basics of the plane, he has to be advanced.
  8. You should just go by LAN and connect directly, with the specific IP address.
  9. I think I could give one on one tuition on the T38, English Electric Lightning, PMDG 744. That's about it... I can do basics and startups on others, but it is only really the autopilot and the small things that get me.
  10. Hey, So is there such a thing as one on one tutoring on fsx? Sometimes when I am studying a plane on fsx with manuals, some can be very helpful while some don't help at all. I fly the Milviz F-15E very often and love it. I know how to start it and load it etc...but just can't figure out how to use weapons and autopilot. Although there is a huge F-15 manual, it is literally graphs that I am not looking for! This is why I like Just FLight manuals as they are informative and have an easy tutorial on them. Although there is a UFC tutorial for the F-15 it does not solve anything for me, particularly loading flight plans. Everyone knows having someone to explain being hands on is the easiest, and I am wondering whether that exists. There should be a website where you can book a time with them at certain times with specific aircraft, so for instance, there will be certain guys who will specialise at certain aircraft, e.g. One guy does the NGX, 744, MD-11, while another, F-16, F-15, F-14, and T-38. When you book, either they share cockpit with you on teamspeak, or they are in another plane(in teamspeak) to follow, and can help you. Granted I already know some planes, but there are some that just mystify me, and the most effective way of learning for me is to have a guy by my side! Peter
  11. Good call, although going for 15 inch mean you can get quad core computers, and you will feel a more substantial increase, as I don't think 13 inch Macbook pros have a quad core version. Although I used to have a Dual core 2.7Ghz desktop and you will not get the best performance ever, nothing compared to your desktop, but this might be sufficient. I remember getting about 20-25FPs with the Milviz F15.
  12. They are about 2.5Ghz dual core I believe? Not amazingly, but acceptable I guess.
  13. A picture I had from a couple of years ago. The days when 20FPS was a common sight.
  14. Hey guys, So for the sake of getting somer youtube popularity, I am going to post some vids here. Thanks. So here is a Milviz F-15E startup tutorial: Milviz F-15E infrared vision night landing: Aerosoft F-16C landing: CS 777-300ER Landing: Thanks, Pete I will try to post more videos but I can only do so many as my flight simulator is at home while I am at boarding school. In the mean time, reading English Electric Lightning manuals.
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