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  1. Is there AES planned for this airport ?
  2. yes, its working now. I have disabled the AEC file from LTBA. Many thanks
  3. As you can see on the picture i have a problem with the airport. I hope someone can help me Br 2014-3-8_16-22-0-861.BMP
  4. The file is not in the main addon folder. You can find it under Microsoft Flight Simulator X \ Scenery \ World \ Scenery
  5. many thanks for your help. Will buy it tomorrow
  6. Hello, I am really looking forward to buy this great product. I want to know, if it is compatible with FTX Global. Best regards Alexander
  7. my FSX uses not more than 3.2 GB and I have 64bit
  8. FSX is a 32bit programm and uses only 3 GB of memory. When flying to MMMX my RAM goes rappidly to 2.8 GB. So lets see, what the dev says
  9. See attached the error fsx 2013-09-15 17-51-39-02.bmp
  10. many thanks for the answer. Will buy it soon
  11. @ IFlySimX Yes for the AXE and sorry for the delay. If you like I can upload the camera files
  12. Is this airport compatible with FTX Global ?
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