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  1. EGPH - EPWA EZY021 :3

  2. Is anybody using windows 8 here ? Mainly win8 on a laptop ?
  3. Jetline Systems !!!

  4. sebamateo

    Why ?

    @iFlysimX sorry ... I'm ok now
  5. sebamateo

    Why ?

    I done a short flight EDDM>LSGG and every thing is ok
  6. sebamateo

    Why ?

    I think its because landing. I get nervous because I think that i'll crash. Sorry for that question. I'll not ask these kind of them again. I'll try to calm down and just fly.
  7. sebamateo

    Why ?

    Hi I have this problem from about 2 weeks or so. Every time I'm below 5000 ft (at approach) I get stressed. Why ?
  8. sebamateo

    REX 4

    And thats why its only 20 fps... How can I change i3 into i5 on a laptop ?
  9. sebamateo

    REX 4

    Hi, since my PC is broken I need to fly on my really good laptop. I am just asking if REX 4 will work well (in the future some PMDG addons).I only have Airbus X Extended and I get up to 36 FPS (usually 20). My specs : intel core i3 graphics, 8GB RAM, @ 2.30ghz 2.30ghz, 64-bit. Its Windows 8.
  10. Now A320 SWISS EHAM>LSZH :D

  11. sebamateo


    Haha . Not that way.
  12. Next flight : KPHL - KORD

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