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    Flying is my life. Someday I'll be flying for Qantas Airlines.
  1. Route: YSSY to YMLT Aircraft: 737-800 (Qantas) Reason Why: I need to be shown by a pro.
  2. Hey, look at that! I feel special
  3. No, I'm just reinstalling. & No, it said something about not finding the target.
  4. I'm having this problem where I start FSX & it just stays on the startup screen, does nothing at all. Anyone else have this problem?
  5. I followed all the instructions & when I go to add the scenery area, all it does is open up the file, & doesn't add the area. Am I doing something wrong?
  6. Success! Using ActiveSky 2012, worked & it's almost real!
  7. I think I might've found the problem, when reinstalling UTX USA I noticed they had the same format files as REX. Will post results.
  8. No luck. Oh well, I'll stick to default.
  9. I'm pretty sure I did. It went through the process of converting them to FSX & Program File(x86)
  10. I just got REX Essential & I installed the new water textures, hoping to make it more realistic. No new cloud, water or any textures are seeming to show up. Has anyone had this problem?
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