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  1. @iFlysimX Test It Worked!!!!
  2. Something has gone wrong??? I don't think that worked
  3. @iFlysimX This is Fun!
  4. UALboy

    FSDT O'hare

    Not very good screens and a little outdated info. Also they are now calling runway 10-28 as 10L-28R
  5. UALboy

    FSDT O'hare

    Can anyone out there who has the FSDreamteam KORD Chicago O'hare scenery tell me what they think of it and post some screens? I tried to find some info about it on the interweb but it is pretty scarce, and the screens on their website seem a bit outdated. I would love to see some screenshots and I have just a few questions: Does the United Terminal 1 have the new logos on the gates and/or aircraft painted in the new paint colors (Post CO Merger)? Are there moving trams on the shuttle that goes from the terminal to parking? ( Just a small detail but I love those things )? Lastly, Is this a high quality scenery, like are ground vehicles moving around and do the building textures look good? Thank you anyone for your help!!!! UALboy Wishing you all clear skies and smooth rides!
  6. What are your thoughts on Aerosoft's Chicago X Scenery? Am I the only one who doesn't like it or do people agree that it is not the best. I will try to be respectful and sorry if this comes off bad but I would like to have aerosoft put some new life into their Chicago scenery, anyone agree? I mean come on, a vfr scenery without night textures, let alone the actual textures look pretty bad... Is there anyone else out there who agrees or thinks that they should fix the scenery, like add night and winter textures or at least improve the bulding quality? I just think that for a vfr scenery it could be so much better. Sorry and thanks!
  7. UALboy

    GEX and UTX

    Thanks Everyone!!!!
  8. UALboy

    GEX and UTX

    Does anyone have gex and or utx who can give me their two cents on them? Do they actually improve fsx or do they create rougher and busier texture transitions? How is the autogen affected? I would love to see some screenshots of the chicago area. Thanks! Wishing you clear skies and smooth rides
  9. I wish ftx would work in the usa though
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