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  1. Hey T2G team, you guys have done a great job. as for now I can´t really understand all the "bad" comments. The only thing I think noticed so far are the runway lights at night time. They need to be fixed, hopefully soon because as it stands right now they tear down the scenery extremely and it is no fun to approach this addon at night. It looks like they are not unidirectional but omnidirectional and the rwy edge lights are way too weak and not doing their job properly by giving a good guidance. Maybe you guys can add an option so the runway lights can me switched on during the day as well (as this is usually the case in HKG due to the weather) That would be wonderful!
  2. Hey folks, I wondered if you forgot to model a approach lightning system to all runways? Other than that I have some flickering going on around the taxiways designators and the rwy lights are too dimmed almost invisible. Thanks Maik
  3. No offense but I a pilot license and they are not that dark and dim. Especially in contrast to the lead in lights ;-)
  4. If you say so then you have to take Hong Kong, Toronto, Calgary, Punta Cana and San Jose as well from the list, because they are either under development such as YYZ or already done by others. Why not doing sceneries twice, I mean Aerosoft does not change their plans because of others, just look at Heathrow, Zurich and other projects. And since it´s a free market, I would be off to the costumer´s decision. I mean they (we) pay, and I guess it´s worth listening to them. Just my 2 cents.
  5. As said before, a top notch high quality Amsterdam - Schiphol EHAM scenery is much needed and far overdue. Another one? What about the New Doha airport named Hamad International OTHH? I know FSDT has done this scenery but why not Chicago O´Hare KORD? The scenery layout as changed massivley, and more changed will be done in the future. And moreover FSDT won´t update their airport until every change as has been completed. That will take some time, that´s for sure. Last but not least what about Beijing Capital ZBAA airport in China?
  6. Hey folks, this is how my rwy lights look like. It looks kinda odd to me
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