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  1. Hi Team, I know this was raised previously but cant find the topic? Sure this isn't closed? No ATC at OTHH. Thanks
  2. thanks everyone.. I have converted all traffic across already using TTools. Be handy to provide an update for those who are not sure how though
  3. Hi Team, I have encountered another issue. Trying to over the airport and/or landing on the runaway causes a crash even when in the virtual cockpit? I've turned crash detection off but can this be fixed? Thanks Lindsay
  4. Hi Team, I use world of AI and all flights are assigned to OTBD as Doha International Airport instead of OTHH. This means I have no traffic at your airport. In order for me to correct this I will need the co-ordinates so I can create OTHH as a valid airport and replace OTBD with OTHH. Please help? Thanks Lindsay
  5. mutley

    KSTL No Vol Grass

    Hi team, I have downloaded KSLT today via Simmarket but I notice that there is no volumetric grass? Can you please advise? Has there been any patches since released and if so where do I find them? Thanks
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