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  1. KaiUweWeiss

    default buildings?

    Just sorted out this problem: I had to deactivate some LFPO-related files from FranceVFR. Now it looks as it should do. Maybe it is possible to build in a trigger in the config menu for FranceVFR? Beside this: I discovered during approach that runway 02 is labelled as 20. Kai
  2. hello, just landed in your amazing scenery and made a screenshot. After looking at it I discovered a building which looks like a default one. Is it right there or do I have an error here? I use FranceVFR Paris-Ile de France and LFPG Taxi2Gate beside. thanks Kai
  3. KaiUweWeiss

    LFRS no SODE-jetways

    Thank you Thomas, it works now.😊 Kai
  4. KaiUweWeiss

    LFRS no SODE-jetways

    Nobody seems to be responsible for that, what a pity! I strongly consider this lack of support next time bying a JSD-product.
  5. KaiUweWeiss

    LFRS no SODE-jetways

    Hm, no ideas?
  6. hello, just bought LFRS Nantes via simmarket. After installation I found out that the SODE-jetways dont work. I get a message as if there were no Sodejetways at all. In the folder SODE\xml there are 3 files concerning LFRS, called JSD_LFRS... I tried a reinstallation but no success. What can I do here? mfg Kai
  7. KaiUweWeiss

    P3D v2-Version

    thank you. cheers Kai
  8. KaiUweWeiss

    P3D v2-Version

    no ideas? cheers Kai
  9. hello, will there be an extra version for P3Dv2 or can I use the FSX-one? If a P3D-version is planned, is it possible to by the FSX-version now and get the P3D-version later without paying again? cheers Kai