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  1. @Taxi2gate Hi i have a question for you when you guys release the updates where would i be able to download them ? is it via simmarket ? Thanks
  2. Hi Calum, Thank you so much, My specs are as follows Intel I7 4770K @ 3.9ghz i can OC it to 4.5ghz but i intend to leave it around 3.9ghz Ram: 16gb HDD 1TB standard Graphics card Gigabyte GTX 660ti Watercooler H80i as for the ENB im using the ENB 24hr_v1.1 Download link : http://www.custom3dgraphics.com/fs/enb_24hr_v1_1.zip dont use sweetfx or shades and as for the sky texture i use REX4 and the theme is SKY DAY Fair hope this helps Regards Cedarjet201
  3. It would be a great idea if you guys make an airport for OLBA Located in Beirut Lebanon! they get allot of inbound traffic from all over the world on vatsim and ivao so it would be great if you guys think about this.. Thanks allot
  4. Hello everyone, just wondering if anyone else has the same issue with flickering textures ? with another layer texture ?, or am i the only one, please check the photos and let me know, regards
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