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  1. Hello, For some reason I get the default scenery over the Jetstream scenery at Paris Orly. I am not using the France VFR scenery suggested as causing this problem elsewhere. Stephen Shallcross.
  2. Thanks. I feel a bit stupid for not finding that function and trying it myself.
  3. Hello. I have just installed the LTBA airport scenery. I flew from Toulouse to Istanbul but when I touched down, my Airbus fell through the runway and went underground. All buildings and taxiing aircraft are above me and appear to be in mid air. If I use the menus to position myself at the gate, I am on the tarmac but parts of the terminal are floating in the air above me. Other users don't appear to be having this problem. I have FTX Global and Vector installed. I am having serious elevation issues. What have I done wrong?
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