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  1. Hi all, Be advised that I'm not reporting a problem with the actual performance of ILS in this post. It is the ILS/DME distances and the frequency of Munchen DME for Runways 26L and 08R (DMS) that are incorrect. I would also appreciate it if the developers could acknowledge this report and advise when or if a fix might be available. Thanks Nick
  2. Thanks for the recent V1.2 update T2G but can you tell me if you intend looking into fixing the two items I notes in post one? Thanks in advance. Nick
  3. Deleted....I should read posts more carefully in future Nick
  4. I'm not seeing any issue with the actual ILS approach on RWY26L at all. Only what I've referred to above. I've tested this with the PMDG777, NGX, 747 and JS41, as well as the Aerosoft Airbus. Maybe you used the wrong frequency or something else. Nick
  5. Hi Guy's, You might have missed this but the Devs reported on Sunday in the "general update" thread that "about docking guidance, we dont know yet how to get it working on p3d guys.". Hopefully they are working on it for you all. Nick
  6. Just to confirm point one, I'm not saying the ILS/DME Glide Slope doesn't work. I'm reporting that the DME part of the ILS/DME is reporting incorrect distances. To confirm point number two, the DME I'm referring to is not the ILS/DME, it is the "DMS" DME you see on the attached images. EDDM ILS RWY08R.pdf EDDM ILS RWY26L.pdf Thanks in advance. Nick
  7. Thankyou very much for the great scenery and recent update. I would like you to look at fixing a couple of things which I hope won't take too long. They are: * ILS/DME - The distances are very inaccurate. Another user posted this to the "general update" thread and I think it's a matter of the ILS/DME placement in the AFCAD. * DME Frequency - The frequency of the Munchen DME for Runways 26L and 08R (DMS) is incorrect. It should be 115.00, not 108.60. Thanks in advance for making this small addition. Nick
  8. All fixed with your 1.1 update. Thanks Thomas
  9. Excellent...thanks very much Thomas. Nick
  10. Hi guys, First of all, great scenery it's really a step above your others. Could you please check the ILS frequency for RWY20. All of the current charts and AIRAC data shows it as 110.55, yet the scenery uses (an old) frequency of 109.90. I'd appreciate it if you could look into this and provide an update. Thanks again...love ya work Nick
  11. I see this as well on RWY's 16L, 16R and 34R. Not RWY 34L. It occurs just as the aircraft passes over the transition between land and water. Although I have crashes turned off there is a small cloud of black smoke and some sparks. I also would like this to be fixed if possible please. BTW....very good scenery, like it a lot. Thanks Nick
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