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  1. If you're talking about the newest upgrade, it works great in P3Dv3 an v4, but it's not a straight in installer. I had to manually install the scenery to make it work.
  2. Yeah, the Mex version doesn't do it for me, almost look like a freeware to be honest. This on the other hand is looking great!
  3. I thought someone else already came out with a P3D version for this airport? Those colors do look sharp thou!
  4. Way back when, eons ago, there was a posting about how the St Louis Taxi2Gate airport had red spots showing in the out skirts of the airport. Like there were missing objects, or something. I'm having that issue, and can't seem to find that thread any more. The new Taxi2Gate forum doesn't even address any old scenery any more, so I was wondering if anyone here might know how I can correct this issue. It has been a long time since I flew FSX, since P3D came out, but there are certain airports unavailable for P3D that you can only use in FSX, and KSTL is one of them. Any how, if anyone can help
  5. This issued was addressed previously. Always try to do a search and most of the time you will answer your own questions if it's out there. Any how, this is the link; http://forum.iflysimx.com/topic/1308-kmco-working-in-p3dv3/#comment-8423
  6. KSTL is not compatible with, or have patches that would make it work with P3Dv3.
  7. I basically just made use to install KMCO in my P3D v3 directory under the same folder I use for the purchases I made at SimMarket. It doesn't appear in P3D automatically, so I had to add the scenery, both KMCO-TERRAIN and KMCO. Any updates T2G has put out for KMCO, I made sure to download it and install it to the appropriate folders. I also disabled a bgl file called, KMCO-OBJ-TREES.bgl. I just added the word OFF after the bgl extension. I use ORBX openCL NA and trees, so it helped blend well with KMCO. Like I said, it's worked for me, and everything is looking good for now.
  8. Not at all, I get great frame rates, no crash to desktop. I was pleasantly surprise on the kind of performance I'm getting in P3D, considering the size of this airport.
  9. Well, since I posted my comment back in August, I tried to install KMCO, and it's working fine for me. I installed mine to my SimMarket folder, where I keep the rest of my sceneries I purchased from them. I made sure to apply the updates for KMCO from the T2G website, and since I use FTX NA openCL, I made sure to run the vector configuration tool, just in case. There were some trees that came with KMCO and looked kind of funny in P3D, but I made sure to turn off the KMCO-OBJ-TREES.bgl file. It looks great now in my P3Dv3 platform.
  10. I have KLIT installed in P3Dv3.3, no issues.
  11. I love this airport in FSX, and recently switched over to P3Dv3, but I didn't see a download for a P3D version of Little Rock. Is there one, or does the old FSX install work for P3D?
  12. I noticed someone else asked this question on a different forum, but never answered. I figured perhaps anyone using P3D that may have had this scenery for FSX could answer this question. Doesn't seem like the developers are not.
  13. Well, I'm changing my comment, because I got KMCO to work in P3Dv3 with all its updates. Had to do it manually, but it works just fine.
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