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    specialist reacted to stupipe in KMCO multiple towers appearing   
    I figured out this happens if you have ORBX VECTOR installed. What I did to remove the additional towers was go to your Prepar3D folder, go into ORBX folder and search "KMCO" you will see APT_KMCO.bgl. Rename that file APT_KMCO.OFF. That should solve your multiple tower problems. 
    Let me know if that helps!

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    specialist got a reaction from ChrisZoepound in Request an airport   
    I think that similar to Cuba, which has several airports around the island, the same should be done with Puerto Rico. There are two other airports besides San Juan TJSJ that receives international flights are, Mercedita Airport (TJPS) in the town of Ponce in the south, and Rafael Hernandez Airport (TJBQ) in the town of Aguadilla in the west.
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