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  1. I have not seen much posted on this topic yet. I am sure we are going to wait and see if they announce anything. I would be hardpressed if they do not. -Austin (iFlySimX)
  2. I would also check and make sure you don't have any processes running in the background. I know of or my system I can usually pull 23-30 fps on average in the Aerosoft A320. For me though when I have a lot clouds from ASN my frames drop in to the low to mid teens since I only have a GT 720 video card. It seems like something could be dragging your system down. I always close all unnecessary programs from the task manager that I don't need and I always get better performance. Advanced System Care had a pretty good built in booster that shuts all unnecessary processes off. You could give that a
  3. Anyone here have FS Captain? I have recently purchased it and am just looking for some personal feedback. I have used FSPAX in the past and this definitely seems to have many, many more features. Whats the word iFlySimX community?
  4. When I first started out I did not know that ILS existed. I thought that IFR was very difficult and I only knew how to fly direct VFR flights. I also would only fly the FSX Mission from LAS to Area 51 because almost everything was done for me. I then evolved from learning from some people I had met in FSX multiplayer who helped me out and taught me some stuff and became acquainted with some people that I can call best friends.
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