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  1. Sweet!! Can't wait! Another addition!! Loving you guys Caribbean airports!! Was a pleasure BETA testing TFFR. I would love for a remake of TDPD. It has been updated alot since the last developer of it.
  2. I knew a lot about the Q400 by reading before Airline2Sim came out but i still was eager to get it! I've watched it all and it just extended my knowledge much more about the Q400! Its a stunning aircraft!
  3. Come back to the Caribbean! TDPD,tfff,tffr,tkpk all those good stuff!
  4. That's more than likely the problem, reinstall the scenery.
  5. Hi. Do you have UTX for the Caribbean installed? And in your scenery library is TVSV TERRAIN above TVSV?
  6. Are we done with Caribbean sceneries?
  7. Fly Tampa St Marten is Rather great.
  8. Bought and Downloading right now! Thanks Taxi2Gate!
  9. I will once i fly down to the Caribbean On my way to KJFK Then down to MDSD then to Antigua with LIAT
  10. Yea!!!! I love you guys at taxi2gate. Finally someone remembers to do st Vincent unlike fly Tampa only doing the grenadines. I love it!
  11. FSX isn't meant to be played on maxed settings, what are your specs?
  12. Not a problem. Glad it's fixed
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