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  1. The Boeing V.S. Airbus battle has been going on since before the Coke V.S. Pepsi thing. I'm Boeing 110% of the way. As much as I love a shiny sleek cockpit with three buttons and a joystick, I like to leave that for the private jets. Boeing, as you said, is like the old muscle car. It's cold, gritty, and squeaky. And some people like that! Including me. While some others might prefer a sleek new model car of the year with the big screens, that's Airbus in this case. I grabbed the PMDG 737NGX the month it came out, and it's the most flown plane I have. I know the thing like the back of my hand. Name a place and I can fly ya there to real world procedure. But that wasn't an over-night skill I accumulated. That was after months, if not YEARS of learning. Reading checklists, cross checking manuals, and seeing how others fly the plane. And since every system has its own button piratically, there are so many ways you can fly the plane. From the first switch flipped of the day, to closing the door after a long day of legs, there are so many ways you can fly the plane to your liking. You can chose to fly low, or push it to its operating ceiling, stay slow, or push the 300 KT barrier, you have full control over it. With airbus, I don't feel that same... connection with the plane. I don't own the Airbus X on my computer, but a few of my buds have it and I have taken it up for a spin when I'm over at their place, and I feel like there is only one way you can fly it. I get the feeling that you have to press every button in the same order or else something is wrong, or un realistic. And that is what we ALL want from our sim's. That might be because I haven't logged as many hours in it as my 737, but when I do get the chance to fly it, I feel restricted. I don't have that fictional home cockpit smell I get with the 737. With the 737, I can take my 'seat', throw on the battery and APU and get to work. With the Airbus I need to startup all of the systems and make sure everything isn't glitchy or out dated. I don't know if that is modeled in the Airbus X, but it is a bit a of a nuisance. Don't get me wrong, Boeing has its fair share of automated systems that need to be warmed up and calibrated, but I can still control a majority of the plane with switches and buttons. Back to the beginning- even after 3- or so years in the NGX, I have grown onto it. It took me 3 years to get here and I'm still learning, and I'm sure if I can grab the Airbus X and fly it for a bit for myself, I would have changed opinions. Both Boeing and Airbus are great planes, their cockpit layouts are almost identical between models, with the occasional re arrangement of screens and displays, but for the most part, there is a core element in each plane that attracts a certain kind of pilot. And this goes with all planes. Piper V. Cessna (Cessna), Socata V. Beechcraft, or CRJ V. ERJ, all planes are related in the sense that they all do the same thing, fly from point A to point B. But every plane has its own personality, and unless you're an emotionless fish, you will naturally gravitate towards a cretin kind of plane. May it be glider, prop, jet, or rocket, and that's okay! We're all here to do the same thing, and that is to flip off the laws of physics. IDK how I went from the PMDG 737 to physics, but damn that was deep. XD <3 -Foxtrot
  2. Route: KOAK to KMDW (KORD) Aircraft: 737-738 Reason why: I make this trip almost every year. It would be interesting to see how a pro-simmer would handle it.
  3. Problem solved! Thank you Aaron!
  4. Hello. So I bought ASN )Active Sky Next) on Wednesday. And ever since, when I load up FSX with ASN open, it gives me an error: -it doesn't have access to Program Files x86 -And there is no port 445 open. Thanks. -Valley.
  5. In the screenshot you uploaded. What folder/file is that you are looking at? I saw you with it open before. Is it the settings config folder?
  6. What file is that you have open in the screenshot?
  7. So there has been a dispute to wether FSX was a game or not. To me, it's not. If you buy it and fly the planes with no routes, or doing flips, it could be a game. But the other half, people who use it as a tool for real-life sim, know it's not a game to them. You could get addons to make it fun, like a game, or tools/utilities to add realism to your flying. -Valley
  8. 36 Days! God... must be horrible.
  9. Passing over my destination airport right now. 6 hours of flight.....gone!

  10. REX Plus+ Overdrive, or REX4?

  11. Bonjour everyone! Yes, I learned how to use emoticons. Besides that... since my computer is officially out of repair, and FSX has been installed for the first time in months, I am ready to take the bull (PMDG 737) by the horns. But sadly, my computer disagrees with the sim sometimes. FPS wise.... ya... but its something we ALL encounter. But my parturition day (B-day) is coming up in a few weeks, and I have a chance to upgrade a part in my computer. And I'm thinking my motherboard should be the one to get a suit-up. I really want to make FS videos, so I don't know if I should get a board similar to Mitch's. But at the same time, I also want to start to stream once in a while, so I might get a board similar to IFly's. Just like most people, my budget isn't the biggest... anyone know a proper motherboard that could work out for me? Or is there another part I should upgrade? Thanks! -Valley. Specs: Processor- AMD FX-8320 Eight-Core Processor RAM-8.00 Gb Graphics- NVIDIA 650Gtx OS- Windows 8.1 64-bit Motherboard- Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3
  12. Its a website that is a VA radio. Great for extended flights (like some of yours). Keeps the long periods of silence fun.
  13. *cough* http://flightlevelradio.com/ *cough*
  14. Foxtrot_Sim

    ENB testing.

    Testing out ENB series on my computer... Hope they turn out well! -Valley
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