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  1. Knowing that the runway number changed in april and that the new apron has been on service since september, do you have some news of the update? Screenshot of the WIP? expected available date? Thanks
  2. Hello, Good news you're bringing us! I will accept a 10€ update integrating all the changes has been done on the airfield for 3 years (high speed exits, new holding point, Mike Apron, Terminal 1, evolution of Kilo Apron...) Thanks for the answer and waiting with excitation news from you. Orangina
  3. After the new taxiway and exit (V4,V6,V8,Y,S6,A8), the runway numbers have change since September the 15th. It is now a 35L/17R and 35R/17L Any chance to see theses main modification integrated in a patch? Or this add-on is totally abandoned? Orangina
  4. Bonjour, Quand pouvons-nous espérer voir cette mise à jour pour FSX? Merci Orangina
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