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  1. Awesome scenery. Truely a masterpiece! I hope you will stay in europa a little longer! SODE would be awesome. You can hand over the files to Jeffrey and he will help you out, I'm sure. A very cool guy.
  2. Honestly I hope that they will stay in europa - especially germany. One have to admit, Munich from T2G is one of the (alltime)bestseller at simmarket. I am sure, a Frankfurt, Dusseldorf or Hamburg would also be a great thing from T2G! Think about it. I for myself can say, T2G Munich is the best scenery for germany so far.
  3. I think you should ask simmarket for this specific problem.
  4. It shouldn't be to difficult for you guys. The developer is very helpful, if you have problems.
  5. This is with every T2G scenery so far. Maybe it has something to do with performance?? I don't know why they do it this way.
  6. This is a bug from a FTX product (I think openLC is the bad guy here), because for me it happens in the UK area too (EGSS / EGKK / EGLL / EGPH). You can only avoid it by doing the following steps: Start FSX/P3D -> select aircraft -> select airport and gate -> set weather to clear skies -> reset your time to systemtime and change the minutes and seconds a little bit. For the bridges, please tell me your mesh setting?
  7. Yeah, adding SODE Jetways would be awesome guys (also because it is working now with GSX). The developer of SODE is trying to help everyone having problems adding the jetways.
  8. Ok, maybe because I disabled the current AFCAD and replaced it with this one -> http://forum.iflysimx.com/topic/1304-eddm-enhanced-afcad-update-3/ Also using P3D v3.1
  9. Bookmark this link: http://www.taxi2gate.org/downloads/EDDM/ Regards
  10. Same issue here. Must have something to do with 2016. Started a flight today, issue with red / black ground appeared. Switched back to 2015 (28.Dec.2015), no red/black ground. Switched back to 2016 (today) and the issue appeared again.
  11. T2G is aware of this and will fix this in the future update.
  12. For me, no SODE is ok. 1.3 would just make other sceneries incompatible (like Rome), and SODE 1.2 is too buggy. I really don't need this for MUC.
  13. One little thing to have everything done here. Can you integrate the black runway surface, so this do not disappear in a distance? It's not a big gamebraker, but a bit weird during a visual approach with f.e. the 737 because of the appearing black on the aimingpoint. Here 3 pictures of what I mean. Thanks for your efforts to make everyone happy. Please let me know, if I can help you out with stuff you need (PM). You guys are the best. Merry christmas everyone.
  14. Can you please update the ILS Frequency for the runways? 08 L / R are wrong. Thank you.
  15. Hi T2G, just a little thank you to you and your team. I love the new Munich. Please realise that you made a lot of us very happy. The best airport in Germany so far. Thanks!!! Phil
  16. Wow thank you. Can't wait anymore. One question. Can we also have an update for adjustable jetways, even if they sink into the ground, like KSEA?
  17. Good to hear Looking forward for the next scenery from you guys.
  18. Hi guys, just want to say thank you to you! Palermo is such a nice scenery! Very lovely. Please continue with european destinations! You are very talented. A Canary Island for example? Greetings Phil
  19. I suggest wait for the final product in your sim and not judge them on a single low-res shot obviously using a HDR-tweaker to get a good colouring effect.
  20. I do hope we can get adjustable Jetways like KSEA (Jetwaypatch). Would be awesome :).
  21. Yep, I still can't believe it.
  22. Oh my GOSH... Guys, you are amazing!!!!!! I don't know what to say!!! This looks damn nice!!
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