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  1. partoferto

    no AI Traffic at OTHH

    Any update on AI traffic instructions by t2g?
  2. partoferto

    Elevation problem

    Solved it guys...just deleted the scenery for old OTBD and no more elevation issues...but issues in vector configuration might be a pain cause the new airport cannot be found
  3. partoferto

    Elevation problem

    Thx Oneangryant.I don't have any expertise in airport design so I don't know what to do.I saw now that in this update it will not be fixed which made me sad.I have bought this scenery 1 week now and still haven't made a flight from or to this airport because I want it to be perfect...
  4. Seems that aircraft are slightly sometimes over and other times lower than the airport.I am using FTX Vector and elevation correction isn't available as OTHH isn't present in the list.Any ideas?
  5. partoferto

    no AI Traffic at OTHH

    And how do you do that for all those that doesn't possess such skill in WoAI?