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  1. Yes I download the scenery again from the link at simmarket but it did not fix the problem. I guess I am the lucky one that wasted his money
  2. Its there anyway we can confirm that I have the correct AFADC installed? As I mention the way the update was done is confusing
  3. So what are my choices...I understand that I might be a weird case but I pay for something that I am not getting.
  4. As far as I understand, on FSX settings>customize>graphics tab and check advanced animations that is what I have but I might be missing something else. please advice
  5. I believe that it is active, but would you please run me through the activation just in case I am missing something. This is the only airport and I have plenty of freeware and payware that work with no problem
  6. Can anyone please get back to my questions.
  7. I delete all the previous installation and reinstall OTHH downloaded all the way from SimMarket and yes I do have the ATC control for the airport but still jetways are not moving. I also check on the library and I only have one OTHH and also check on the AFADC and I am only have one OTHH_AF.BGL I don't know what else to do...could you please help
  8. May I ask you a favor, I am sure that it will safe a lot of time. Could you send me the AFCAD file that you are using via e-mail just that file and i will install on my scenery and see if I get the same problem. E-mail is chusair@gmail.com
  9. I when to simmarket and download the install file again...delete the AFCAD on the existing one and reinstalled. I have tower ATC but no jetbridge action at all
  10. No I only have one AFCAD with OTHH Also please if you are so kind could you confirm is this is the latest version TAXI2GATE - HAMAD INTL AIRPORT FSX P3D P3Dv2
  11. I did download the update and did nothing to correct the problem. Ask me all the questions that you want I would definitively answer then to the best of my knowledge
  12. In my case, I am using FSX and all the jetways work perfect for any other scenery but this one. I don't get them to move. If someone could please e-mail me chusair@gmail.com Maybe I do not have the right AFCAD
  13. I have to say that I am totally disappointing with this purchase. It is not the product per se, it is the support and the service that you get when you have a product that is evolving with some serious issues that have not been resolve. The Positive: I love the graphics and it is a great recreation of the new OTHH Airport The Negative: Customer support, my jetbridge (FSX) do not work when CTR+J is press as it should, the aiport Traffic ATC is not well modeled to reflect appoach, departure and grown ATC service, that one I got fixed through someone that posted a "zip" file that worked fine and that resolved some of the issues and customized the airport parking a little better to serve ai traffic into and out the airport...finally I find extremely confusing the way the have made the update. I don't know what is in the update, what file to download and frankly I am totally lost... You expect certain level of perfection and at least of service when you pay for something. At this point I feel totally scammed. I am sorry to say it so straightforward but that is the way I feel after a week requesting support. I f you need to contact me my e-mail is chusair@gmail.com Sincerely Carlos A Sanchez
  14. in reference to the "installer" that you mention for FSX are we, the current user, going to receive notification? Also I would appreciate if anyone could please seriously reply to my inquire. Part of buying a payware is to be able to get a "bug free" and supported product and I have a couple of questions regarding the jetbridge and not been able to use then. I see on some pictures that they do actually move so why I am not able to use then is something I am unable to understand. One more time I would appreciate some support...
  15. Does anyone manage to operate the jetbridges?
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