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  1. Hi, I noticed that in p3d 5.2 hf1, but I think it does it also in previous versions, I have default objects in the scenario, if you look at the photos you understand well, they are default signs with the track number and probably also other double objects that I have you shown in the photos. Can you check it out and possibly fix this problem? Thank you!
  2. Hi guys, install last version of LIML for p3d v5...all works very well...but...i have this problem... Watch the video! Any help for resolve this? Have a problem on p3d v5 hf2 fresh installation. Regards Gianluca
  3. Any idea to update this file on your "Updates" section on Jetstream site?
  4. Test it...and...at moment don't have any issues with elevation. In the next hours test scenery with a complete flight and report. One question. What exactly does this file do?
  5. Don't use Vectors. Have a new LFPO scenery, but if disable, don't change never at LICJ, and elevation issues remain. Now try to put the alt file .bgl from world scenery to base scenery (read in another post), but don't resolve.
  6. Hi, no, only ftx global terrain+openlc europe. Strange problems because don't have any problem with LICJ in previous experiences. Try to put at 1mt mesh in sim, but don't resolve. Try to move to top list of scenery in library, don't solve. Try to clear shaders folder, don't resolve.
  7. Hi, have issue in 4.4 see this... (don't have orbx vector)
  8. At moment, only solution is reduced slide for Autogen and scenery draw distance, at medium, textures are ok, over medium, like high...textures problems.
  9. ...and for other info...test with fog meteo and problems 100% appear.
  10. Hi guys, i see this problems on LIML on p3d 4.4 (only client update from 4.3). At some angle view the ground textures on GA area missed. See the pics. Test various settings in sim, but the problem remain. Also tried to move the LIML scenery in other position on scenery library but don't resolve. Any idea to fix it?
  11. Oh my good!!! Very very good reply!!! Many thanks...now LFRS it's full complete
  12. Hi, yes...switch from 5m to 2m and resolve problems! Thanks for assistance! Have a one question... It's possible insert a left PAPI on rwy 03?
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