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    The legendry 777

    This is specially dedicated to iflysimx and all my aviation buddies out there. Got PMDG 777 as birthday gift. Did a whole flight with Alitalia and here are 2 amazing edited shots.
  2. Thank You for replying and expalaining everything in details. I will spend more time exploring fsx and as im studying and upgrading to alienware soon i will be taking time to see how its done and other stuff. I dont think im ready yet. As you mentioned that it takes time ( no way i can do it)!!! i dont even see my loved ones for like 3-4 days in a week TRUE!! i am paying full attntion towards my study as a software developer. Thanks for help Though.
  3. yh thts wat i did some worked but some didnt . I cant even find tge backups of my add ons
  4. Hello guys last night i was installing Acceleration pack over fresh fsx and after doin all i copied all my add on ( specially paid ones) i started the sim there is nothing in i cant see menus no multiplayer .. only few planes .. very less default planes .. when i start flying there is no scenery the while workd is black and flickring also fsx crashes with fatal error after two minutes. and takes ages to start up .. very upset now. i had fsx fr loong time and this what happened after i tried acceleration!!
  5. oh my! ima full time software developing student.... i dont think i will be able to spend that much time. Thanks fir help buddy . i will look into that
  6. Hello everyone it has been a while since im into flight simulation roughly i got into sim world in 2008 and didnt know much about it when i played it for 3 years why? because there were no helping tutorials no knowledge about forums and no advance aircrafts. also i was very young to understand this and my first pc was very slow but it cud run fsx . But now its growing and more products are coming out so i was thinking about doing some beta testing . i will pay price but i would like to product from comapny before anyone else. what skills i need. how long it takes and how can apply to be a be
  7. oh thnx guys but what about my aircrafts will they be deleted??
  8. Hey please this is important. one of mu friend suggested me to install accelration expandion but i have fsx deluxe service pack 2 and what would happen if i installed it staright away .. will it delete any of my add ons .. please reply thank you.
  9. Hey guys i just got Captain sim 737-200 base pack and when i try to install it it asks me for key in manual activation but after entering key next button is unclickable. what can i do? i contacted CS but they said we are fixing this and will send me new links for new installer. but do any of you guys know how to fix this?
  10. finally i hope its not too expensive but i have saved enough
  11. hello guys i got twin otter x mission pack with discount but when i install it gives me an error message saying ... Please install full version of DHC-6 Twin otter x installer will now stop. after that installer will be closed i have ver 1.04 for twin otter x any suggestions??
  12. i got this from a guy i meant
  13. i got rom a guy in egypt through teamviewer file transfer lol and it was free he anf i figured it it out the maon mjd8panel.dll something file had to be deleted and then reinstall again and select as trusted when fsx start.
  14. thank you guys i cant wait to try those out.
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