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  1. I second that wish. Gatwick has always had the issue with that huge carpark right on short final where it's overflown at low ALT all the time. Now I realise you can't place hundreds of 3D cars there, as that would probably cripple FPS. Perhaps it would be an idea to change the carpark texture to an empty carpark, and place only a few 3D cars on it? Personally I prefer overflying an almost empty carpark (with only a few 3D vehicles) as opposed to a full one with hundreds of flat cars. You'd only need to do this for those carparks being right there in the runway axis. Don't bother with those behind terminal buildings...
  2. Just bought the scenery yesterday and I must say I'm disappointed (tested in P3D v2); Major flaws: - The ground texture of the construction area is almost white instead of brown (and yes, HDR lighting is turned off) - Docking guidance: Can't see it, even though it is supposed to be in there now! - As mentioned above: ALL jetway bridges are still misaligned with their supporting structures - Double approach lights where the lamps are supposed to be placed on poles Minor: - Colouring of many ground photo textures is bad; The colour hasn't been adjusted to the surrounding scenery and just looks out of place - Small hill at the airport boundary, the photo shows trees, yet there's no single tree placed on that hill - Service roads on the the airport often have a texture that does not match the lines at all - Trees placed in water! - Taxiway centreline lights are white instead of green Too bad really, your quality control is extremely lacking. It is evident that a short development time was much more important then delivering quality. Can we hope to get a 2nd update? Cheers, Markus
  3. To T2G, please STOP blaming that one guy's comment about surroundings all the time and then just disregard all the other bugs INSIDE the airport! There ARE bugs INSIDE the airport! So why can't you tell us that you'll fix these? Do you really want us to buy and keep the current state of the airport and then post all negative reviews on Simmarket? Bugs I've seen mentioned here and which prevent me from buying your scenery: - Approach lights visible from the opposite runway side (a big no-go!) - Missing all electronic docking guidance - Misplaced / misaligned jetways - AI aircraft parking size / position errors - Waterclass inaccurate Why can't you admit that there are these issues INSIDE the airport perimeter, tell us that you'll fix ALL of them? I'd be happy to buy now if you do and then just wait for the update. But when I see that you don't even fix Doha (approach light models), how can I be confident that if I give you my money for Hong Kong, that I'll get a bug-free airport at the end? Instead you continue to mention that ONE guy talking about surroundings, and you ignore everything else. That's not at all customer friendly I'm afraid. We all love your work basically. But if you continue to rush out sceneries and then disregard all customer feedback and never fix bugs, this will change and you'll be out of business. What a shame and waste of talent that would be. Markus
  4. Hi there, I'd love to buy this! Is it compatible with P3D v2? Or will it be soon? Cheers, Markus
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