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  1. Hey, I just wanted to ask if TOPER (http://secure.simmarket.com/toper-calculator-tool-b777-v3.0-(takeoff-performance-calculator)-(de_8718).phtml) is any good? I want to have a nice Takeoff Performance Calculator for my beloved 777 to put my level on realism a bit higher, but I don't know if it's good enough to buy it. So, give me your quick opinions about that and let's see, maybe I'll buy it then. Thanks in advance, Adrian
  2. Check your disk. There should be the stock fsx.exe. The only problem you have could be the service packs, because the stock fsx.exe is obviously made without using service packs BUT if you have the Gold Edition, just copy and paste it from your disk and it should be no problem at all. (Gold Edition = Acceleration = FSX Enhanced with SP1 and SP2 already included)
  3. Version 1


    I've just spent a while to trying to figure out a process to distribute weight in the same ratio received when setting the FMC Payload to MAX. This is a method I have worked out. I use PFPX to get a random cargo load then my own math to create weights to input into the FMC. I've tried it several times with different weights and have everything matched. OPENOFFICE is necessary to use this, because I don't own Microsoft Office yet and a OpenOffice-Version won't work correctly in Microsoft Office. I will do a Microsoft Office-Version later.
  4. @Taxi2gate AWESOME GUYS! Can't wait for it *-*
  5. Will be there a FSX Version aswell? Maybe later? Greets Adrian
  6. Yeah, there is a Large Adress Aware Software which gives the FSX the ability to use 4GB instead of 2GB. If you want that Software (and trust me no Virus or whatever) send me a PM with your E-Mail (just 41 KB). The FSX uses basically only 2GB of RAM, it doesn't matter if you have a 64-bit OS or a 32-bit OS! Greets, Adrian
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