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  1. Richard McDonald Woods

    Recent unavailability of iFlySimX forums

    I have been unable to access these forums for at least 2 weeks. Attempts produced a display containing technical terms which meant nothing to me. Suddenly now, the forums are accessible, but without any explanation from iFlySimX. Can we have an explanation, please?
  2. Richard McDonald Woods

    Istanbul & P3D v4?

    Hi Michael, This shows what is possible at Taxi2Gate WSSS. I hope this helps.
  3. Since purchasing the P3D version of this a long time ago, I am still waiting for a version supported in P3Dv3. When will it be available?
  4. Richard McDonald Woods

    What happened to Taxi2Gate?

    I had OTHH, LTBA and VHHH installed in P3Dv3. Worked but with many problems. I have had to reload P3Dv3.4 in the last few days and when I came to re-install the T2G aerodromes, I gave up because of the lack of a strong will to succeed somehow. I'm afraid that I shall never buy any future T2G products again until their reputation is restored.
  5. Richard McDonald Woods

    Future Caribbean coverage

    Hi Andy, I think that your question was aimed at finding out whether Taxi1Gate is operating at all at present? It's something that I would also like to know! Cheers, Richard
  6. Richard McDonald Woods

    Double jetways KSEA

    Hi Aaron, If you can add details of your software stack (OS, FSX/Steam/P3D versions) this will help others to help. Regards, Richard
  7. Richard McDonald Woods

    T2G P3Dv3 plead

    My guess is that they just don't care about keeping their customers happy, at least with regular announcements of progress!
  8. Richard McDonald Woods

    Prepar3D v3 Installers

    When will we receive amended P3Dv3 installers?
  9. Richard McDonald Woods

    Hong Kong VHHH - New Issues - Feb '15

    I am happy that there are updates to several of the products. However, these have apparently been hidden from view until I noticed this thread. Can something be done to make newly available updates more prominent? Thanks guys.
  10. Richard McDonald Woods

    OTHH Hamad - I am missing runway and taxiway lights

    On my first landing at OTHH, I have no nighttime runway and taxiway lights. What can I do to get these?
  11. Richard McDonald Woods

    OTHH - FS2Crew RAAS says that rwy 34R is a taxiway

    Flying PMDG 777X with FS2Crew 777 and OTHH scenery. As I enter rwy 34R, RAAS voices "On taxiway!". Is this an error in the OTHH scenery or in RAAS? Cheers, Richard