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  1. Hi Olivier, just use the Mail adress info@simworksstudios.com this worked always for me....
  2. Hi Olivier, its a nice piece of software as you can precisely put the tracks of each vehicle into P3Dv4. I‘m working with Live Scenery for a freeware airport and must say it’s absolutely stunning! All you need to deliver is the XML file for the Airport and the user need to download the customer.dll from the SWS website. Just get an impression how it looks like here: https://simmershome.de/simmershome-living-airport-neuheit-in-der-freeware-fs-szene/
  3. Hi Olivier, just a heads up concerning the animated cars. Have you heard about SWS Live Scenery? https://simworksstudios.com/technology-live-scenery.html# Its a nice tool and once you get familiar with the software you could make precise Ground traffic for your scenery in only a few minutes. You just need to contact the Developer on this page and you could do your shuttle services at your Airport.
  4. Removing the AFX_MDDE_ALT.bgl and disable EDDM in the UTX tool did the trick! now EDDM looks like expected! thank you for advice!
  5. I got exact the same problem, at Terminal 1 the default buildings are present and no T2G Airbridges are visible!
  6. Thanks for reply, so I can be sure that it was not me making a mistake.... Yes I'm pretty sure that they will bring up an update pretty soon. I remember that they did so for VHHH short after release and that was a success.
  7. Hi, even after installing the hotfix for the bridges I'm still facing the problem that the Aircraft is jumping up and down while passing the bridges. Anybody else has this problen as well? P3D v3.1 using UTX v2 Europe
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