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  1. SOLVED I found the folders, disregard, Hi, I have had this problem too, but I cannot find the installation location in P3Dv4 to manually add to my config. Where is the scenery located? Thanks, Michael.
  2. Hi, putting the KMCO_TERRAIN folder below the KMCO folder in the Scenery config file fixed the problem.😎 Thanks guys for posting the fix. Regards,
  3. The scenery KMCO used with P3Dv4 has an elevation problem along the two taxiways that cross over the bridge south of the terminals (shown at the red rectangle). The bridge seems to be to high and the structure blocks both taxiways going in either direction. If necessary I can provide a screen image to highlight the error. Can anyone say what might I do to remedy this. Everything else is great with the scenery. Thanks much.
  4. Yann, I am using TFFR fsx with P3Dv4 without any problem. Works good.
  5. Under update for KMCO there are three items - KMCO 2.1, AFCAD, AI Traffic cross bridges, jetway logos. These files have been installed into P3Dv4 but I see no terminal buildings, only the jetways. Thanks,
  6. I have the same problems in P3Dv3.2. I had installed Cloud9 KMCO which did not work well, I uninstalled it before installing T2G KMCO. My mesh is set at 2m, and I tried 10 and 5m without any fix. If Cloud9 could be the cause, can anyone suggest where to check for left-over files that might be the cause?
  7. Hello, I am using KMCO scenery on P3D and it works good, except that on taxiway J heading west from Airside 2 Terminal, the two bridges for the taxiway block the taxiway as shown in image attached. Can you suggest a fix for me to try, or do I need to wait for your P3D version? Thanks, Michael.
  8. Hello, I just installed TFFR FSX, but theie are no jetways? Regards.
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