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    TFFR for p3d4?

    Yann, I am using TFFR fsx with P3Dv4 without any problem. Works good.
  2. portanav

    KMCO with P3D - no terminals seen

    Under update for KMCO there are three items - KMCO 2.1, AFCAD, AI Traffic cross bridges, jetway logos. These files have been installed into P3Dv4 but I see no terminal buildings, only the jetways. Thanks,
  3. Hello, I am using KMCO scenery on P3D and it works good, except that on taxiway J heading west from Airside 2 Terminal, the two bridges for the taxiway block the taxiway as shown in image attached. Can you suggest a fix for me to try, or do I need to wait for your P3D version? Thanks, Michael.
  4. portanav

    Taxiway Bridges out of wack

    I have the same problems in P3Dv3.2. I had installed Cloud9 KMCO which did not work well, I uninstalled it before installing T2G KMCO. My mesh is set at 2m, and I tried 10 and 5m without any fix. If Cloud9 could be the cause, can anyone suggest where to check for left-over files that might be the cause?
  5. Hello, I just installed TFFR FSX, but theie are no jetways? Regards.