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  1. Great link, that's seriously cool! I wonder if we'll ever see it's like again?
  2. Oh dear, that's gotta sting a bit
  3. EINN Shannon for transatlantic flights.
  4. Yup, I'm wrong, not for the first time I might add! From John Venema himself; "There is no truth in these rumours. Orbx has not been approached by LM to license any of our tech for their platform. That is a fact. Whilst I am in regular contact with LM it is mainly discussion around P3D 1.x and 2.x alpha/beta progress and nothing I can discuss in public anyway." In a way I'm disappointed as a sim with Orbx FTXG quality scenery out of the box would have been a joy to behold. Guess there's nothing for it but shell out for both in their turn!
  5. You sound very certain, you must know something that the rest of us don't? Tell us!!! I'm only suggesting that it's something that makes sense to me, nothing more than my idle musings tbh. It is an interesting thought , that's all.
  6. I think there's a possibility that we are starting to see Prepar3d 2.0 default scenery. Read more about it here!
  7. Unfortunately you have been rolled, sorry. If I'm honest though I would have to say that the Majestic Dash Q400 is a better buy than the PMDG 73, if you are in the market for a complex aircraft. I have both and though the PMDG is an excellent product, I think the flight model and icing effects give the Q400 the edge, I suppose it's a matter of opinion though.
  8. With FSX it's really the cpu that matters, much more so than the graphics card. I was very careful selecting components for my last build that would run FSX well without spending more than was needed to do so. The i7 won't give any noticeable benefit over an i5. I run an i5 3570K (Ivy Bridge) Gen 4, as as has been said above, an Intel/nVidia combination is probably superior to AMD/ATI combos. If you go that way, get a "K" processor which can be overclocked. Mine comes stock at 3.4Ghz and I have it clocked to a moderate 4Ghz though in theory it'll go up to 4.8. However I only run an nVidia GTS250 1Gig card at the moment until funds allow better but the combination gives me a steady limited 40fps most of the time, dipping to 30 in heavy airports. Make sure you get at least a 128Gig SSD just for FSX which will minimize texture loading times and makes a huge difference. 8 Gigs of the fastest RAM you can get will also help, more is of no noticeable benefit. A good big cpu air cooler keeps my temps below 50 degrees C, I don't really think liquid cooling is worth it unless you plan to overclock as far as it'll go which is not a wise move imo. A case with plenty of fans helps keep temps down, I got an Antec 1200 with 6 fans, well worth the price. Anyway, I spent about 600 euro total on mobo, cpu, cooler, ram, case and ssd from hardwareversand in germany and I'm well happy with the performance. That's my two cents.
  9. Simnut

    Sim Physics X

    To be honest I would want to see tyres bursting and wheels catching fire if anti-skid was forgotten. I do like the idea that I could have icing on all the aircraft that have simulated anti and de-icing systems though. Would it simulate instrument failures in the event of the pitot heaters not being activated? Such things would definitely interest me.
  10. It would take a very long time and be difficult to get enough people covering enough aircraft. You would also need teamspeak which this site does not have. My site shares our teamspeak server with The Flight Simulator Network website and we would be willing to share it with this site if needed also. We do a lot of multiplayer flying and usually all learn bits and pieces from each other about the aircraft used in our events which change according to the whims of those planning the events, we find it a good way to learn. One day we'll fly a P-47in Ohio, the next a Dash-8 in England and so on. Often one person will help another one on one but it's very much dependent on who is on at any given time so patience is a virtue. I think a defined service doing this would be very difficult to achieve if it could be done at all. I'm an okay flier but would not hold myself up as an expert on any particular aircraft and I'd be surprised if most people wouldn't see themselves the same way and be hesitant to offer their services in such a way. I've been wrong before though.
  11. I've run UT2 for years without updating the schedules as I don't think it matters. As long as the right kind of traffic is represented at the airfields where it should be, that's enough. I've tried a few traffic programs over the years, though not the free one mentioned above and I'm quite happy with UT2.
  12. Cannot sing the praises of this aircraft enough! The best aircraft in FSX bar none!
  13. Simnut

    Sim Physics X

    This is one I'm very much on the fence about. As far as I can make out, the main offering here is aircraft icing. All the rest has been done before. I bought the Majestic Q400 and am still getting used to that but I reckon that as Majestic have now set the bar, any aircraft coming to market from now on will need to have aircraft icing simulated or be considered sub par. Simulated realistic runway friction can be had freeware! If anyone has not found this I can point them in the right direction should they ask.
  14. If someone were to start doing as you suggest, for instance make space on their website to develop such a feature from the ground up given that I don't think it exists now, would you be willing to become involved and share what you know in return for having others share what they know with you? It's a good idea, that much deserves to be said; but it takes a certain amount of commitment from many to make it a runner. If you'd like to explore and possibly develop the idea further, let me know, I'd be happy to attempt to travel that road with you.
  15. Simnut


    I've been using "Shade" but will certainly try this. Well spotted, I'll be keeping an eye on your recommendations. Thanks!
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