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  1. FSX doesn't care about your graphics card but only about your processor. Far Cry and Crysis heavily rely on your graphics card, which is why they are performing much better. FSX in contrast needs the fastest processor you can get and even nowadays the fastest processor is not always enough.
  2. It is quite normal that a more complex aircraft decrease your FPS, as the simulation has to calculate much more states per frame. Think about all the 'new' buttons, the navigation, the aerodynamics, etc of the PMDG 747. Also, I suggest to follow a few guides and try to tweak FSX a bit. You need the Highmemfix=1 in your fsx.cfg. Have a look here: http://kostasfsworld.wordpress.com/fsx-software-and-hardware-guide/ It is not recommended to simply use all the tweaks, but to start with the most important ones: Highmemfix=1 (as mentioned before), wideviewaspect=true and eventually bufferpools. Also try to turn down your settings, such as autogen, scenery complexitiy. Hope it helps
  3. Nice video! What are your specs and which addons did you use?
  4. Works fine with the RealAir Duke, I can only recommend to try it. :-) Let me know if you need any help with installation. Cheers, Andreas
  5. A nice little tool I've found, testing it right now: http://www.fs2000.org/2012/09/30/fs2004fsx-realengine-v1-4-aircraft-limitations/ From the download page: "RealEngine v1.4 Aircraft Limitations. RealEngine v1.4 fails systems and engines of piston aircraft if operating limitations are exceeded. Limitations modeled: MP / RPM / power, CHT, oil temp, oil press, lean/rich roughness, spark plug fouling, gear/flaps overspeed. Added vs v1.1/v1.2: easier configuration, realistic CHT model, mini status panel. Can be fully configured for individual aircraft."
  6. Thanks! Worked like a charme!
  7. Where on their site can I download the packages? (Global Ai Traffic)
  8. I use both MyTraffic X and Ultimate Traffic. MyTraffic X is quite FPS heavy for me, which is why I mostly use UT2 with missing liveries added from MyTrafficX. There are also new fixes available for UT2 which make it possible to use 2013 dates with it. Cheers, Andreas
  9. Andy81le

    Saab 340?

    Have a look at this one (freeware): http://www.premaircraft.com/saab_340/index.html Includes VC Cheers, Andreas
  10. You might want to try FlusiFix, makes editing of your .cfg quite easy, lots of fixes are incorporated already and only need to be activated. Can also be used to disable airplanes from the menu selection, increase ai traffic speed, etc etc. http://www.wolfgang-picheta.de/ the program is in German but can be switched to english in the options menu.
  11. Have a look here: http://www.premaircraft.com Huge selection of general aviation and some jetliners, many with VC and lots of liveries, for FS9 and FSX. Cheers, Andreas
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